Fat chick hookups

I understand why feminists feel this way, but I truly can’t understand why traditional conservative women choose to ally with them in this regard.

It is worth noting that I don’t see traditional conservative men wringing their hands over whether men are getting their needs met through casual sex.

And don't invalidate my experiences as a fat woman.Basically, that he's arrived to save me from my terrible, sad, fat life.I have experienced sexual assault and trauma in my life.If literally the only reason you are interested in me is because I'm fat, you might want to take a step back and get to know a bit about me first. When you tell me I'm not, what you are really saying is that despite my body size, I'm not all those horrible things you tend to associate with fatness.I don't mind if you tend to date fat girls, or really even if you get some specific pleasure from being with a fat woman -- but I don't need that to be the first thing you tell me about yourself. " It's announced as if it's supposed to reassure me that they aren't going to take one look at me naked and run, I think? Or maybe it's meant to suggest some kink; like to let me know that he wants to feed me cakes and watch me weigh myself? If you care more about my weight than I do, we're going to have a problem. "You're not the kind of lazy, stupid, disgusting, [insert sizeist insult here] slob who I expect fat people to be," is not a compliment.I should start by pointing out that not all traditional conservative women are like that.There are quite a few women in the manosphere who aren’t interested in defining and enforcing “rules of the road” for casual sex.For example, I’ve never encountered a traditional conservative man who worried that Roissy might one day catch an STD from a woman who lied and said she was disease free.I certainly don’t lose any sleep over this prospect.Add a few extra layers of fat to that experience, and things can get depressing real fast.As a non-single, fat, polyamorous woman, I can't tell you how often I've been questioned about my confidence, self-worth, who I am, and why I'm into what I'm into.

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