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Their daughter has a very close relationship with both of them and what became obvious to us during Karyn’s interview with I LOVE OLD SCHOOL MUSIC, is that NO topic is off limits with Karyn and her daughter. *SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO* We were in the middle of Karyn's interview where she told us all about her past relationships w Ith much younger men (if you missed that, click here), and then her 23 year old daughter, Ashley, who was watching from the sidelines, eventually stepped into the camera and that's when it got even more interesting.Terry's and Karyn's daughter was obviously very comfortable discussing her dating/sex life in front of her Mom, which was pretty cool to see.When I’m on stage singing that song I can’t help but think, "God, this is a testimony." I really try to share that because I want to empower women.I just see a lot of us buying into this whole, “I can do what a man does.”ESSENCE.com: How did your divorce from producer Terry Lewis in 1999 change your life? My mother was dying at the same time and I was going through a transition with my record company.We spoke with her about her 18-year musical sabbatical, and why she considers her biggest hit, "Superwoman," her testimony.ESSENCE.com: It’s hard to believe you haven’t put out an album in 18 years. KAREN WHITE: I got divorced in 1999, moved to Sacramento shortly after and became interested in real estate, interior design and building homes.I had put all this energy into my music, but now it was time to be the person that God called me to be. I’ve raised my child and I feel like I am inspiring others to go after their dreams. Terry is a great father, and just an incredible human being. Sometimes you need that sister, you need that bond of someone who is going to be there for you and uplift you.

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Y’all have to see her get raw and brutally honest below…WHITE: Yes, that song “Superwoman” and my whole image was for women’s empowerment.I’m really glad that I made that kind of impression; that I made songs that help women find their voice.While I was a recording artist I felt I wasn’t I doing a great job at being a mother… ESSENCE.com: Did you ever have any regrets from walking away from the industry?WHITE: A lot of recording artists put their identities in their music or in a hit record and if they’re not so-called "hot" anymore, they become hermits. I really felt like, "Okay, I was successful at that and I did that, but now I’m doing this." I never had regrets or a "woe is me" attitude. Not really even me stepping back, but I believe the Lord pulled me out.Karyn White said she’s “not your Superwoman,” but she might be your cougar woman…and a sexy, timeless one at that!In an exclusive interview with I LOVE OLD SCHOOL MUSIC, Ms.There was a lot of pressure on me, and I just had to make some difficult choices. I really feel the person that I am today is because of the loss I’ve experienced. I had everything that a woman could ever desire: an incredible man, a 30,000-square-foot home, but I just wasn’t content. I saw myself becoming someone I said I would never be. Scroll down and check out her slim body, short and/or medium dark brown hairstyles & haircuts. It's been 24 years since singer Karyn White released her iconic women's anthem "Superwoman," and 18 since she last recorded an album.

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