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The delicate political balance that existed among the indigenous groups for centuries was forever altered as Cortés and a combined army of Spanish soldiers and Indian warriors slowly made their way to Tenochtitlán, the island capital of the formidable Aztec Empire nestled deep within the heart of the continent.

Within two years, Cortés, with an army of 2,500 Spaniards, assisted by tens of thousands of Indian allies, captured the imperial capital.

Boasting a total area of 756,063 square miles, a large part of Mexico sits on an immense, elevated plateau, flanked by mountain ranges that fall off sharply to the narrow coastal plains of the west and east.

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[NCGS 130A-93 specifies who may receive certified as opposed to uncertified copies of vital records.] Records of adoptees are not available to the public.

Check with the North Carolina State Archives or the Genealogy Section of the North Carolina State Library .

If you do request a copy of a specific record from North Carolina Vital Records, use the on-line request form and include a certified check or money order for each search.

Staff will review the study protocol and respond promptly.

To conduct genealogical research, check the records in the county where the event occurred or check with the North Carolina State Archives.

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