Is benzino and karlie still dating

The former television producer who once boasted about being the creative genius behind Married to Medicine seems to be losing control of what she has previously refereed to as “her show”.

The entire cast minus Mariah have recently returned from a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains that was filmed for the show.

Mariah hollers off and say Don’t give me no rubber check.

Chile Mariah slayed her on national TV, I loved it.

Quiet as its kept, Marriah filed a restraining order against Reco Chapple earlier this month, but lost the case in court yeterday ( 11/25/13) after failing to convince the judge that she feared for her life.

It’s been reported that non of the cast is really featuring Mariah.

because when you have that 3d dusted eyeshadow and liner on, girl that hurts all of my eyes and my feelings.

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Well at first I must say this has got to be the most Ratchet shows around. I am going to do a major rundown on what I think of the show and the ladies.

I know a place that can get you together girl, Hunnie that was SOME TEA and SOME SHADE but its all love!

That Kari tried it last night and I just need for all the girls to go in on her and let her know that its never going to be all about her. Kari says so how much you want I have more than you need.

Even though they all try to act like they are apart of a secret elite society, Chile Bye!

Anytime grown educated women walk around talking in third person and acting like Drag Queens. If you are the lady that you say you are you would use correct english and you would not walk in the room yelling like you have lost your mind.

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