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Katee played the crazy girlfriend so well and overall it was just an amazing thing to watch.In this very moving, personal piece, Travis Wall choreographs a routine about his mother’s surgery and the journey to help her through it.In season 5, t Witch returned to So You Think You Can Dance with fellow season 4 contestant Katee Shean to perform their Emmy-nominated piece "Mercy", choreographed by Mia Michaels. t Witch served as a frequent All Star in Seasons 7, 8 and Season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance performing many memorable routines, including the hip hop number "Outta Your Mind" with ballet dancer Alex Wong, which was then reprised by comedian Ellen De Generes in Season 7's finale.

) “I wish guys could do this together and feel comfortable in doing it.As in seasons 2 and 3, the finals began with 20 contestants, ten male and ten female.After partners are assigned, couples pick a dance style out of a hat, are rehearsed by a choreographer, and perform their routine.The sky was a glorious blue with white, fluffy clouds on the route up, I-12 to I-55.We had Nigel Lythgoe’s oblivious (but nevertheless grotesque) attitudes about two guys dancing together — so deeply rooted in homophobia that even Kim Davis might roll her eyes and sigh, “Brit, please.” We had the judges working overtime to make sure that Hailee Payne’s dazzling display of artistry wouldn’t upend the long-supported Gaby-Jaja final two.In Travis Wall's first SYTYCD choreography gig (!!!!Season four premiered on May 22, 2008, with Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy returning as permanent judges and Cat Deeley returning to host.Then again, after a season like this, it was really anyone's game — so to find out the winner and talk about the finale, just .And based on the season as a whole, I think it was definitely the right choice.He was partnered with Rayven Armijo who was also eliminated in the first week.He was a childhood dance partner of Season 3's Lacey Schwimmer.

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