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A National Institute of Justice project set out to answer that very question.

They recruited teens and young adults, ages 14 to 22, as well as adults who work with teens, to discuss the differences between what adults thought they knew and what was really going on.

Continue to remind her that the violence, abuse or assault was the other person's choice and that's where the blame belongs.

SUPPORT HER RIGHT TO MAKE HER OWN DECISIONS: Sometimes we think we know what is best.

Surviving sexual assault, stalking and dating violence can be extremely traumatic.

Often, survivors feel very alone and isolated from help, understanding and support. LISTEN: Give your friend your undivided attention as she is talking with you. It has taken a great deal of strength and courage for her to tell you.

Studies consistently reveal, however, that survivors of these crimes are more often female and that perpetrators are more often male, which is why on this page we have identified the victim as female and the perpetrator as male.

A gift of helps 25 people, helps 100 people and 0 helps 500 people. “From my perspective we have an epidemic on our hands with young people and relationship violence and we’re not talking about it,” says Amy Sánchez, CEO of Break the Cycle, a nonprofit focused on providing comprehensive dating abuse programs to youth ages 12 to 24.

Talking about those stories may be easier for a teen than talking about their own dating life.

Listen and Learn The more open a parent’s dialogue with their kids is, the more likely adults are to pick up the subtle cues that speak to where and when teens are experiencing that grey area of dating violence—the one that isn’t overtly unhealthy but still raises red flags.

Sánchez, who’s worked in the domestic violence field for 25 years, says, “We’re good at crisis response.

We’re also good about educating people about perfect, healthy relationships.

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