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"It was my one outlet." Her first song, called "Search Me O God", contains, tellingly, the line: "Find any way in me that does not reflect Your purity."That summer, at a Christian youth camp in the English countryside, Beeching became subject to an altogether more extreme way to make her sexuality "pure": an exorcism.

I ask her to name which camp it was, which organisation was responsible."Do I have to say? "It might make them look bad.""Yes, it will," I say."This happens at a lot of them.

If I had, I would have got kicked out." It didn't help that her contract with the Christian music branch of EMI had a "morality clause", in which "any behaviour deemed to be immoral" would be a breach of contract.

The day she handed in the master tapes for what was to be her last album, she went to the doctor's, expecting to be handed some E45 cream."They said, 'You need to sit down. It's an auto-immune disease called linear scleroderma morphea, and a form of the disease called coup de sabre.' It's a degenerative condition where soft tissue turns to scarring.

At that point they didn't know if it was just localised or whether it would affect my whole body." In the worst cases, one's whole body can turn to scar tissue, including internal organs. Beeching was told she would need extensive chemotherapy and to expect hair loss, weight gain and exhaustion.

Anybody I was in a friendship with, or anything I was doing in the church, was accompanied by an internal mantra: 'What if they knew?

' It felt like all of my relationships were built on this ice that would break if I stepped out on to it."Beeching is cross-legged on a sofa in my living-room, deportment impeccable, done up in a tailored jacket, made up with absolute precision.

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