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I have seen these documents and I call upon TDI to stop keeping them confidential and release them to the public.” My guess is we’ll eventually see those documents, but it will take long enough to have little or no effect on TDI’s regulations. The reduced “value of solar tariff” went into effect Jan. Nevertheless, Council’s Austin Energy Committee, which includes the entire Council, will meet this morning (Thursday, Jan.

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Visit one of our o word-winning nepoir shops TODAY!! A BY MICHAEL ^OINf AUSTIN^ KING JANUARY 10, 2014 the Austin chronicle 9 ■ I :% POINT AUSTIN continued from p.9 which is now being used as justification for undermining the federal law. In his testi- mony and afterward to reporters, he com- plained specifically that TDI and Rathgeber have offered no justification at all for requiring 40 additional hours of training, and summarized, “It’s wrong to impose heavy-handed, politically motivated rules that primarily serve to make life harder for hard-working Texans who are simply try- ing to help their friends and neighbors find affordable health insurance.” The sole witness in favor of the new regs was Austin GOP Rep. Residents in the solar-intensive Mueller community - which serves as a national model for other municipalities looking to go solar - are especially unhappy with AE’s decision. THURSDAY 16 CODENEXT COMMUNITY CHARACTER WORKSHOP: NORTH (See Wednesday) -pm. “I just don’t want it to be from Bullard on up past where we are.” Unlike other parts of the walls that will be both shorter and behind residents’ back- yards, the 20-foot sound wall north of Bullard will block residents’ views from their front yards. AUSTIN BOOK, PAPER, AND PHOTO SHOW Dealers from around the country present their best written and printed material for display and for sale. Many saw sizable nest eggs of cred- it, ranging anywhere between 0 and 0, disappear once the modified rate and credit reset took effect. Allandale resident Scott Ehlers notes that construction would require tearing out trees and creating a “much less natural setting,” and could obscure sunsets, airflow, and wind. Because We Said So As if to confirm that impression, the Dallas Morning News’ Bob Garrett reported that following the hearing Rathgeber com- mented that while she doesn’t want to “bur- den” other health care workers, she would “require registration, background checks and 40 hours of training for people who help consumers ‘use the [] web- site.’” In his comments, Watson has been very carefully diplomatic about Rathgeber’ s role, apparently in the hope that she will lis- ten to reason before formalizing the rules - which could be imposed March 1, with the heaviest month of insurance enrollment period just ahead. •Psychics •Astrologers •Readers •Energy Workers •Lectures Carved Skulls »Door Prizes We'li See You Here Spiritual Life ■‘■Productions MARCHESA HALL, 6406 N. Based on her comments - not to mention the prevailing Texas political winds - there is little reason for optimism. Lon Burnam, D-Fort Worth, who said he’s acquired TDI documents that reflect a political agenda to sabotage Obamacare - specifically by requiring the otherwise unjus- tified 40 hours of training - but he is pre- vented from releasing them by TDI, which says it won’t allow publication without a subpoena. ^ BY AMY ' Residential solar panels in the Mueiier neighborhood, which serves as a modei testing ground for soiar technoiogy SMITH Clouds Over Solar IS AE THROWING SHADE AT SUN-POWERED ENERGY? 1-35, ste 3100 GPS: 6226 MIDDLE FISKVILLE RD, AUSTIN, TX MNUARY 17, 2014 7PM PREDICTIONS PANEL free to the public (YANIE BREWER, ELAINE IRELAND, JOE NICOLS, CINDY SMITH, TERRI WALKER) ;)ANUARY 18, 2014 10AI1-PI1 l;)ANUARY 19, 2014 11AM-6PI1 ' /PERS0N PER DAY SPIRITUALLIFEPRODUCTIONS. While AE says the firm’s recommen- dation was driven mainly by reduced natural gas prices, environmental and consumer advo- cates, led by Public Citizen, don’t believe it was based on accurate or complete data. The project also involves building approximately 7 miles of 8- to 20-feet-tall “sound walls,” in 19 sections between Anderson Lane south to Cesar Chavez, intended to diminish the noise gen- erated by the additional vehicle lanes. Public Citizen’s own analysis shows that the value of solar rate should instead be increased based on avoided environmental - costs to the city - e.g., the avoidance of having to buy coal ^ from Wyoming to fire a coal plant, for example, or uranium from Africa to fuel the South Texas nuke plant. However, a group of Allandale residents have objected to the mile-long wall known as Sound Wall No. THE AUSTIN REVIEW: LAUNCH PARTY Here s the debut of a new literary publication, featuring readings by several authors - including Austin’s own Derrick Brown - in an evening of drinkery-snackery and joy- ous mingling. Most signs point to a potential downgrade in the image department, because most people in the solar community - be they advocates, custom- ers, contractors, or other solar-related entities - view the rate change as an outright devalua- tion of solar and a step backward for a munic- ipally owned utility that just a few years ago was blazing new trails in alternative energy. Charles Long CATALIN and Pet Sounds January 18 - April 20, 2014 Opening Weekend Events Friday, January 17 Member Opening 5 - 7P Public Opening 7 - 9P Jones Center Saturday, January 18 Artist Talk with Charles Long 2P Jones Center Pet Sounds Viewing with Charles Long 3 - 5P Laguna Gloria I The Contempor/Ary . Under the new structure, the rate used to calculate credits given to residential solar cus- tomers drops from 12.8 cents per kilowatt- hour generated to 10.7 cents. Austin Laguna Gloria 3809 West 35th Street Austin, Texas 78703 Jones Center 700 Congress Avenue Austin, Texas 78701 Director's Circle: Michael and Jeanne Klein, Suzanne Deal Booth and David G. Chesser, Johnna and Stephen Jones, The Still Water Foundation, Melba and Ted Whatley, Anonymous Exhibition Sponsors: Deborah Green and Clayton Aynesworth, Susan and Richard Marcus, Jane Schweppe, Diane Land and Steve Adler, Sue Ellen Stavrand and John Harcourt, Don Mullins, Amanda and Brad Nelsen, Pedernales Cellars, Gail and Rodney Susholtz, Lora Reynolds and Quincy Lee, Janet and Wilson G.

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