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is forcing the agents to decide what’s most important to them. D., or you’re (showrunners) Maurissa [Tancharoen] and Jed [Whedon], there’s going to be problems just because you’re with each other, all the time. We’ve had some tough, hard-hitting scenes about, what does accepting people with powers, who are mutants or Inhumans, mean? They are people that lot of people might not understand, and some people don’t agree with it, but it’s who they are and it’s the way they were born. But at the same time, it brings in the debate over guns because these are also people who have very dangerous powers, and they can be dangerous, obviously.

No longer able to keep powered people out of the public eye, Daisy (Chloe Bennet) and Mack (Henry Simmons) are working to track down Inhumans for a team of Secret Warriors whose mission it is to train and protect powered people, all while the existence of Inhumans is polarizing public opinion. I was in the middle of this pool, and they couldn’t help me out, so I was putting that stuff on my head and my body. And I think it gets a little bit bizarre because Daisy is more of the leader of the team. So, it’s a really, really tricky situation and both sides have the right to their opinion, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right. It’s a little tricky, which is hard to play sometimes.

“Ward had to wrestle with all of that stuff in-between season one and season two. He was wrestling with a lot of his demons, took a lot of that out on himself, attempted suicide a number of different times…

I think he sees someone who is on a similar journey, who perhaps he could provide some guidance to through a mentorship.” Despite Ward’s penchant for manipulation, Dalton maintains that his interest in 33 is “all coming from a place of love…

Just like he’s definitely telling the truth to her, but maybe he’s leaving some stuff out. He’s incredibly smart and I think that’s what makes the options sort of limitless because he’s like the biggest human Swiss Army knife there is.” Although Ward and Skye didn’t part on the best terms (to say the least), Dalton doesn’t think all hope is lost for the duo yet.

“I mean, if I were in that position [where] somebody shot at me, I think I might not enjoy it…

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RELATED: bosses on those shocking LMD twists An original cast member, Dalton’s character Ward was killed off in season 3, with his body subsequently taken over by big bad villain Hive. Watch the video below, then click here for scoop on Ward’s return from executive producers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen.

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Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) has been absent from “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” since the show’s midseason finale in December, but the March 24 episode sees the turncoat agent make his triumphant return in an action-packed hour titled “Love in the Time of Hydra.” While his former SHIELD teammates are still trying to get to grips with Skye’s (Chloe Bennet) Inhuman transformation following her exposure to the Diviner, Ward has been AWOL with Agent 33 (currently wearing the face of Ming-Na Wen’s Melinda May), a SHIELD agent who was brainwashed by Daniel Whitehall (Reed Diamond) to work for Hydra before his death.

spoke with Dalton to find out what Ward has been up to following his confrontation with Skye in the midseason finale, and what’s motivating the troubled operative now that he’s no longer aligned with SHIELD or Hydra.

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