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Location: India : Karnataka : Bangalore : Bangalore Taxi and Auto Drivers late night rides There is very Active Thread in Mumbai location where people have shared their experience in seducing Taxi or Auto Drivers!! Post A Comment Comments Posted On Nov 19, 2015 - AMCruising in itself isn't 100 pc safe!!

This is most of the time during the late night rides where the Horniness level is really high!! So yeah the seducing them isn't easy but As mentioned this is not done in the broad daylight...

Stand in such a way that your *** is visible to driver and start peeing.

After peeing take your time to play with your *** and make it hard. Hope your guys meet him near munisvara temple beside auto stand opposite Accenture s.g palya road.

This is the thread to share experiences which occurred during late night Taxi or Auto Rides!! Posted On Dec 2, 2015 - AMThere was a time when auto drivers used to be open to the idea of *** in Bangalore but no more.

Its been quite sometime that i could get an auto guy to do me ;).. Posted On Dec 6, 2015 - AMOnly yesterday, I was walking outside Forum mall at night and a lot of autos were standing.

Got drunk a bit and took a taxi..23 old cute telugu guy came..i had good causal chat and was offering him lot of benefits which he declined..was eager to have beer but mg road had no bar open at 2.15 pm so he had to leave as he cudnt be without duty..i tried putting my hands over him and he also signaled.was easy but i didnt go further mainly because he ws worried abt his duty so i sent him off2. I told him i can make him wake up by showing him ***.said he was tired so i asked him to end duty3. he then pulled down my underwear n *** on my *** n balls.. n licked his niples n squuzed his boobs...n felt his hairy chest n muscular arms n thighs with my gentle touch.. he looked at him n then at me n said hmmm hmmmmm nadili drove towards my to know he is krishna of maddur in bangalore for last 3 yrs driving taxi.i gave him my phone num promising to go out station in his taxi...waiting for the incomplete enjoy to be fulfilledi asked boldly abt his room mate... waiting to meet both krishna and karthik in same bed...when it is hard, turn around and request him to wait for 2 more mints ( and keep playing with ur ***) and you are almost done. If he is interested he will comment else dont push too hard Posted On Sep 29, 2016 - PMI have one experience with auto driver in Sg palya main road opposite Accenture I went 1 am that night am *** so am standing in main road 10 to 15 minutes then am so boring I slowly return to go room one auto driver noticed me and he asked come here I went near him he said what happened why you waiti ng here I told him simply ok sit in my auto then I sat beside to him and we are discuss our life matter and he playing game in his mobile then I slowly put my hand in his left leg suddenly his *** erected then I touched then he asked if you wanna take it then I opened his chain and *** 10 minutes then he told my *** is medium I told him but taste is nice all finished then 2 person s came for auto so he told me take this 20 rupees and have some tea I refused but he requested so I taken again next day I went there he told to me please friend not today some another day so his not interested that why I didn't go again there but he is a Muslim .... Posted On Nov 8, 2016 - PMi have always been amazed about the casualness of autodrivers and taxi drivers.Then while coming back, keep shaking for 2-3 secods and then put ur *** inside (DO NOT PUT THE ZIP ;). especially for their sweat smell and casual dirty look...The video was about 10 minutes of time where both the guys are *** my *** and my balls desperately without a gap. Though Uber in Bangalore has not been a joy for me as compared to Mumbai/Delhi, this time around it was a different story. The cabbie was decent looking and had a slightly built body, the forearms were attractive.i purposefully played the with an audible volume where he could hear that. Constant yapping throughout including talks on sexual preferences. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. Bangalore, Bangalore, Karnataka Hi i live alone in bangalore, prefer to meet decent high profile man, mail to me- [email protected] - When mg road is reached he started casual chats abt drinks n pub life..i spoke to him abt girls and asked him how many *** excited and told me a lot. I didn't intend on anything sexual because it was noon.I showed him lot of *** but he was worried he is getting ***..last he finished his duty and agreed to see *** until he gets next call...i asked him if i can touch his *** he dint mind..i touched his rock hard *** snd showed him double pentration ***.cummed in his pants n my awesome..drivers ..chances are 2 in 5 my exp so bitches make a note Posted On Jan 11, 2017 - AMLucky another time last midnight...Muslim driver gave me ***.. I had bought him cigarettes..all started when he asked sir aapko mujse kya karna hai.. Once we had reached the koramangala signal, a bunch of eunuchs came and started talking to this guy. However, I was left amazed when one eunuch grabbed this auto drivers crotch and started stroking it in the broad daylight.Posted On Jan 19, 2016 - AMRecently when i was going back home from work in an taxi, me and the driver had a mutual masturbation.I guess we clicked the moment our eyes met through the rear view mirror and after that all i remember is both our *** out and we are holding them and masturbating each other Posted On May 21, 2016 - [email protected] this method and let me the result. after some time, tell him that you wanna pee and ask him to stop in a place where less people are around .

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