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: A doctor with dimples in his cheeks and champagne in his hand lounging in a hot tub. Jen Perkovich, a 26-year-old nurse from Woodbury, Minnesota, flinched when she spotted Ryan Dick’s personal ad on Online dating is no longer confined to the desperate.

It took a lot of the effort out.” Single Catholics have an array of online options.“Then their key criterion, their potential mate being Catholic, has already been met,” Tracy says.And the odds for overall compatibility increase, Gorman figures. is unequivocally orthodox, catering to “committed, faith-filled, marriage-minded Catholic singles,” the site notes. ” But his electronic wink piqued her curiosity, so Perkovich winked back.It’s a practical—and preferable—alternative to the bar scene and workplace for busy, mobile professionals, many say.After spending a decade in seminary, Bart Smith, a 34-year-old pilot from San Antonio, Texas appreciated what the Internet offered him: a ticket into the dating realm.“I thought, ‘How else am I going to meet young ladies? I’m out in the country.’” Ryan Dick, 28, was eager to replace the bar scene with cyberspace.Members of , for instance, specify whether they’re seeking a pen pal, a friendship, a date, or marriage.The site asks about body type (from “Washboard” to “I should maybe lose a few”) and touches on faith (“very important,” “somewhat,” “starting to be,” or “honestly not sure”).If dating a fellow Catholic is a preference but not a requirement, singles often join larger, better-advertised secular sites.But for those Catholics for whom shared beliefs are nonnegotiable, exclusively Catholics sites are prefered.

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