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Once certified, he continued his educa- tion with graduate studies at Boston Col- lege.

He got his first teaching job at Northbridge High School.


During this time, his team (Mac's Farmers) won the championship for three consecutive years and qualified for the finals every year.

v 1 » from this library WALTHAM PUBLIC LIBRARY 1977 MIRROR Waltham Senior High School And Waltham Vocational High School Table Of Contents Dedication 2-3 Recognition Awards 4-5 MIRROR Staff 6-7 History 8-15 Seniors (A-Kih) 16-47 Fall Section 48-81 Seniors (Kis-Z) 82-111 Winter Section 112-147 Vocational Section 148-162 Spring Section 163-193 Senior Week 194-211 Underclassmen 212-221 Occupational Education 222-235 Faculty and Administration 236-257 Clubs 258-269 Business Section 270-413 College Attendances 414-415 Cover by PETER MASTROGIANNIS 1977 MIRROR Dedication Mrs. Aside from her official duties, she has been involved in several drama productions assisting with choreog- raphy, costuming, and other vital tasks.

Alisca Czarnowski was born in Lincoln, Massachusetts and attended Waltham High School as a commuter from Lincoln. Kahlil Gibran, the author of THE PROPHET, states, "It is when you give of yourself that you truly give." We feel that this state- ment epitomizes the multi-dimensioned role Mrs.

Under his guidance, this organization has initiated such activities as an annual Toy Drive and the Fernald School Volunteer Program . His education wrought him to Waltham High School line years ago and from that time he aas been teaching Physical Sciences.

He has a wife Pat and two children, Brian and Debbie . His homelife consists of two great children, Matthew and Dawn and a dedicated wife Cindy.

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