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You can feel really feminine in a pant and have that slight androgynous look without being manly.And showing off the ankle is also really nice.” Deconstructed Design body jewelry: “This is by a really good friend of mine, Kelly Young.women’s clothing boutique, and, later, at the celebrity-favored Tracey Ross boutique, where she worked on and off from 2003 until it closed its doors in 2009.“I met a lot of really amazing people, and my love of fashion really came from that,” says Scaggs, who helped shop for the likes of the late Brittany Murphy and Rachel Zoe.The reason why we do what we do is to break down those barriers. And those influences still exist on this new album (More Than Just a Dream), we just really pushed the envelope in modernizing what we began with our first album Pickin’ Up the Pieces even further. We wanted to make sure that the songs themselves took precedence over what we thought would work best for our fans and the critics.We had to create an album that challenged us and in that create a record, which we all loved.She made this piece for me from another piece she had taken apart.

I loved the way that [Tracey] bought, and that’s actually kind of how I dress.” Here, the Los Angeles-based singer gives us a peek inside the closet of her Eastside home, and breaks down a handful of outfits we might see her rocking this summer with Fitz and the Tantrums, Chicago's Lollapalooza on Aug. PHOTOS Decked Out: Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Polished Vintage Vibe Chain Mail "For me, I don’t necessarily love going to black all the time, but I find when I am sweating because we move around so much, nobody can tell.You can just allow your influences to be a guide or inspiration while still allowing your own voice to shine through. Fitz and the Tantrums’ latest single, “Out Of My League,” hit No. You can catch Noelle Scaggs with Fitz and the Tantrums on tour now.If you’ve ever seen Fitz and the Tantrums live, you know that the indie pop band’s co-lead singer Noelle Scaggs rules the stage — not only with her commanding voice, but also with her keen sense of style.Fitz and the Tantrums will be headlining a sold-out show at #Cleveland’s House of Blues on Friday. The demographic is always different, but for the most part I noticed that there is always a good mixture of young and old, people coming with their entire families because one of the grandchildren or the mothers or fathers hooked one of them on to the band. A lot of dancing, a lot of clapping and a whole lot of singing along.In this exclusive interview, Scaggs, an #ally, talks about the You’ve toured with Flogging Molly and Maroon 5. It’s been just five years since the band started and you’ve already gained so much of a following. I’m not sure what quick means anymore, to be honest!You’ve gotten a lot of support from the gay community. The gay community isn’t different from any of our other fans who are not gay.It’s just people who enjoy great #music coming to our shows to let themselves go for an hour or two. Yes I do, I think any human being should be treated with the same respect as the next. The New York Times has compared your music to Hall & Oates, and others have compared you to classic soul musicians like James Brown. If so, how do you balance old school influences with staying progressive? Especially when we were first developing the sound.Whether she’s performing for a sold-out festival crowd or an intimate audience, or kicking back with friends in Los Angeles, Scaggs has created a look that’s equal parts fashionable and functional — and entirely her own.PHOTOS 25 Best Street Style Looks From Beyonce and Jay Z's ' On the Run' Tour It’s an art she’s perfected over the years, as a member of bands including Fitz and the Tantrums and The Rebirth, but also during her time spent honing her musical craft offstage.Favoring the comfort of sneakers over heels for her performances, Scaggs leans toward her shiny silver Acne Studio sneakers or her coveted pair of high-top Jimmy Choos.3.1 Phillip Lim high-waisted culottes: “I am loving this whole spring-summer look of bringing back the short culottes pant.

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