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It is done incredibly well and the surrealism is strong.There one gory moment, where Sur explains that the tiniest ripple can make a huge difference.A powerful and deadly gust of winds cuts right through the bus.It slices the bus and all of the girls inside in half, except for Mitsuko, who happened to bend down as it went by.Right away, she is obviously different from the other girls.

This is probably one of the most grotesque scenes in the whole movie, enough to make your stomach queasy.

My fiance and I like to watch poorly done, low-budget Asian movies because we find it entertaining. On the surface, Tag, directed by Shion Sono is a splatter, gore film.

Going in, we thought live-action horror movie Tag (Riaru Onigokku in Japanese) was going to be one of these movies. The basic story is about a shy girl named Mitsuko who ends up travelling to different realities, but everywhere she goes, those around her are brutally killed. However, laced throughout the strange, surreal, and gory events are tones of feminism and homosexuality.

The cop also tells Mitsuko/Keiko that today is her wedding day.

She forces Keiko into her car and drives her to a chapel. When they arrive at the chapel, there are more throngs of women.

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