Tyler christopher dating natalia

Allegedly, Charlie had drugs with him, and he was sent back to the UK. UPDATE: Original accounts of the event were more in the affirmative, prompting Christopher to clarify his status via Twitter, maintaining, “Nothing official yet.” UPDATE (9/14): In fact, TC isn’t returning at all.”Eva married US soap actor Tyler Christopher, 43, in 2002, but the marriage fell apart after two years, and she later blamed their young age.Then in 2007, she tied the knot with basketball player Tony Parker, 34, only to discover messages from another woman on his phone.“I’ve had complicated relationships –as everyone knows –but this wasn’t like one of those things,” he reflects. ’ I knew what I was missing, so once I had it, I knew what I had! A month later, we were engaged.”Easy also describes the feeling in the Christopher household since their bundle of joy was born. “I have a miracle baby because he’s such a good sleeper.

But those aren’t the only changes in Christopher’s life since Digest last profiled him for a Where are They Now piece in 2000.

Plans could change, but we’d definitely love to have more than one.”Christopher’s home life is certainly more settled than that of his alter ego, Nikolas, who is currently embroiled in a love triangle with his brother and the woman they both love. I had to [leave the show].” He is a big fan of the controversial story, “although now I have to listen to how much people hate me for banging my brother’s girl,” he laughs.

“I think the reason it works so well is that one staple of daytime is the majority of people watching have been here for years, and it’s imperative to cater to them.

She cements her status as our new fave A-lister even further by confessing: “I was like: ‘This is the best pizza in the world.

I’m going to Snapchat it and make you famous.’ Then I find out it’s a chain!

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