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After-school tutoring, by any other person in a child's surroundings can make a huge difference.

If an adult is on the lookout for a child who is struggling in school and offers to help, even if it is only 20 minutes a week, this can mean success for that child. The child stops and reviews his lessons more if she or he knows an adult will talk to them about their learning.

If he would do so they would pay for Eun-Young's surgery.

Soo-Ho now becomes their son Jae-Ha (the name of their deceased son) and leaves for Austria. She now makes accessories and she sells it on the streets.

Jae-Ha tries to hide this from Eun-Young, but she finds out anway. Jae-Ha reveals his dark past at a press conference and leaves for abroad. Spring Waltz is the last of the Four Seasons K-dramas by famous director Yoon, and the most romantic and beautifully filmed.

Eun-Young tries to forget Jae-Ha and live her life. It also has the happiest ending, which is best for an end of a series drama. I have watched close to 400 Korean dramas over 12 years and simply no other K-drama music score comes close to the beauty of Spring Waltz, especially all those exquisite Yiruma pieces. I own the OOP YA Entertainment DVD set which is the very best available (forget streaming prints, they all look soft and terrible in comparison).

The education of a child can be deeply affected by inattentive adults who are broken and unhealed.

His foster mother Hyun Ji-Sook (Geum Bo-Ra) then raised him because she lost her own son.

Eun-Young (Han Hyo-Joo) lived on the island of Chungsan with her mom happily.

I have been looking for the lyrics to the 2nd track of the Spring Waltz OST, "Beautiful Secret". I can translate it...want the Korean words to this song. Love the story, casts, soundtracks and the places are so beautiful. Of all the four seasons, this one is the best drama to be remembered. Good drama but should have taken out the last 1.5 hours (last half of episode 19 and all of 20). I can't help but listen to the pieces all day long. Jin who sang the korean version of Lost Without Your Love has a heart perturbing voice. I wished they could have had a little more extended ending...seemed rather rushed and abrupt. I specially liked Han Hyo-Joo, last time i watched her movie Always which was my all time favorite.

Could have been a good ending at Episode 19, at 20 minutes. But foremost I'd like to commend the director and all of the production crew. I went and googled him so I can buy his cd but I'm not seeing one. This is a drama you can't miss, it has everything a good drama should have.. I didn't understand what was going on the three first chapters until i understand that the little boy in Eung Jung memories was Jae hee.. Seo Do-Yeong started out decent but improved throughout the series.

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