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SUDA consider this a chance to get together with our colleagues, discuss and share experience and opinion.

SUDA activities are sponsored by a number of companies with no pharmacist companies Interest.

They should at least know the basics of managing diabetes and dealing with different situations.

Round the table discussions are important and useful in that we meet physicians coming from abroad; discuss different options in practice considering the different ethnic background.

SUDA campaigns with and for people with diabetes to ensure that everyone affected by the condition gets access to the best treatment and standards of care.

This is every person’s right, irrespective of their age, ethnic group, postcode, or type of diabetes.

Human rights violations, religious persecution and allegations that Sudan had been a safe haven for terrorists isolated the country from most of the international community.

During the 1500s, a people called the Funj conquered much of Sudan and several other black African groups settled in the south, including the Dinka, Shilluk, Nuer and Azande.SUDA goal is to establish and promote awareness of diabetes and its prevention throughout the population, and its mission is to raise the capacity of the health professionals and persons with diabetes, and to encourage healthy lifestyle adaptations which will help reducing the risks factors.SUDA support the joint working with stakeholders to improve the health care for affected people and reduce complications.Egyptians again conquered Sudan in 1874, and after Britain occupied Egypt in 1882, it took over Sudan in 1898, ruling the country in conjunction with Egypt.It was known as the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan between 18.SUDA have done a lot of works on Diabetes and Ramadan this year.They started four months before Ramadan by several meetings to enlighten general physicians on the topic.SUDA is one of the funders of diabetes research in Sudan, it supports pioneering research into cause and prevention, improving care and treatment, and working towards finding a cure.SUDA working hard to help stem the rising tide of diabetes by raising awareness of the risk factors associated with developing the condition, and by encouraging peopleto eat a balanced diet, maintain a healthy weight and take part in regular physical activity.This exacerbated the rift between the Arab north, the seat of the government and the black African animists and Christians in the south.Differences in language, religion, ethnicity and political power erupted in an unending civil war between government forces, strongly influenced by the National Islamic Front (NIF) and the southern rebels, whose most influential faction is the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA).

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