Updating to 708 on olpc

(See, "Government to revamp One Laptop per Child programme", The New Times, , including desktops, laptops and tablets.This would not only ease the challenge of spare parts then dogging the OLPC programme, but greatly enhance on-hand presence of technical support. That same year (2015), the government adopted the Smart Rwanda Master Plan 2015-2020, drawing from the National Information and Communication Infrastructure Policy and the ICT Sector Strategic Plan.Along with educational content development accessible in all digital platforms, it marks the beginning of personalised way of learning.As the regional manager overseeing the project explained in an interview, the upcoming operationalisation of the smart concept will create a space where you have devices, internet, new digital content, a modern curriculum, e-books, and new ways of assessing students.The viability of a laptop in each pupil's hand was already in question, with the possible launch of the "two smart-classes concept" already under discussion.

While I hold no brief for the programme, it is clear the OLCP ideal has always remained.

Besides that, the price for the OLPC apparently grew from 0 to 5, under some strange circumstances, so the extra won't matter that much.

Come on, the configuration is already cut to meet the desired price tag, now every OLPC user will turn into a hardware technician, fixing BSo D errors and so on.

A true charitable action came from the designers of the One Laptop Per Child Live CD, Red Hat.

The operating system comes as a viable free option for the cheap laptop, but wait, Bill has now taken into consideration providing a version of his operating system for the laptop.

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