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I like our format of quoting anything, from any of the books and seeing what discussions pop up. Wrestling her into an upright position and getting himself set behind her left him red-faced and sweating, far more than dealing with the horses had. I have to tell you Betsy, the sight of your dryer balls rolling out if DH’s boxers gave me a chuckle. (NT) -- Kathy in PA, Tue, February 20 2018, QOTD for Sunday, February 18, 2018 -- kgp, Sat, February 17 2018, The following quotation is from The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon. Even though I’ve read this numerous times and know Roger lives, the words - the descriptions of Jamie and Bri - and then Roger moaned, grab me to the core. He'd encountered Marsali Fraser once or twice, at her printshop. Speaking of 'or else,' though-- what, exactly, do you expect to happen when you go home? My own 55th is just around the corner, and so that second quote holds some definite bits of recognizable wisdom. He’ll be a right devil, when he’s grown, you mark my words,” she said nodding at William, who had a thumb in his mouth and was dreamily lost in the horse’s motion and the soothing proximity of Jamie’s body.Poor Briana though, she can't catch a break in the 18th century. "To the best of Lord John Grey's knowledge, stepmothers as depicted in fiction tended to be venal, evil, cunning, homicidal, and occasionally cannibalistic. He left off performing this activity, and gave Grey a look of income- prehension. I merely wondered where Mother's new ac- quisition might fall, along the spectrum of character." " [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: QOTD for Saturday, February 10, 2018 -- kgp, Sat, February 10 2018, The following quotation is from Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon, Copyright 1997 All rights reserved. “It isn’t Roger’s.” [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: It always made me angry that Brianna said, with such certainty, that SB is the father. He shrugged his shoulders with an irritable violence, as though his shirt was too tight. “It’s you, and it’s Ian, and it’s Duncan and it’s Fergus and it’s Marsali – God help me, there’s even Laoghaire to think of! I remembered, and with a small shock, realized that it was now only a memory – for me, time had shifted, as though my illness had pushed me through some final barrier. “Da told me about one time he was arrested, when they took him to Edinburgh, and kept him in the Tolbooth.(NT) -- kgp, Mon, February 12 2018, QOTD for Sunday, February 11, 2018 -- Lisa W, Sat, February 10 2018, The following quotation is from "Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade" by Diana Gabaldon, Copyright 2007 All rights reserved. Stepfathers, by contrast, seemed negligible, if not completely innocuous. In her defense maybe it was because Roger tried “coitus interruptus” and Stephen didn’t, but come on! Now was my time, reality the scrape of wood and slick of grease beneath my fingers, the arc of the sun that set the rhythm of my days, the nearness of Jamie. He was in a cell wi’ three other men, and one of them a fellow with consumption, who coughed something dreadful, keeping the rest awake all night and all day.Out of respect for whatever it might be or trying to be less vulnerable? "Feel free to stop cackling at any point," William said coldly. The edge was uppermost in the look she turned on her uncle, and he thought that, in fact, if Willie was enamored of her, it was perhaps not surpris- ing. "I had a letter from William, intimating that he had--if not actually forced his attentions upon you--behaved in a manner unbecoming a gentleman. (NT) -- Kathy in PA, Tue, February 13 2018, QOTD for Monday, February 12, 2018 -- Lisa W, Sun, February 11 2018, The following quotation is from "Drums of Autumn" by Diana Gabaldon, Copyright 1997 All rights reserved. Alderdyce thinks that I--I mean, because I've shown I'm--that I can have children, then she's sure to get grandchildren out of me later on? The Judge could pick any healthy girl--of good character," she added bitterly, "and be fairly sure of having children by her." He took a drink, let it drift across his tongue, and swallowed, relishing the final ghost of the taste before answering. “Testosterone poisoning” is another Diana gem (NT) -- Kathy in PA, Mon, February 12 2018, I get that now and then. “Well, see, there’s a problem about that,” she said. “I would lay the world at your feet, Claire – and I have nothing to give ye! [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: In some ways, Claire had "the world" before, in Boston - a medical career, nice house, the comfort & security of modern conveniences, not to mention Bree, but she left it all to go back for just the chance to be with Jamie. (NT) -- Diana H, Thu, February 08 2018, QOTD for Wednesday, February 7, 2018 -- kgp, Tue, February 06 2018, The following quotation is from Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon. It’s interesting to see things from Jamie’s perspective, most of it unbelievable that things will happen that way. Chapter 71: Black Pudding “I remembered what it was like, that feeling that one was living in an elaborate make-believe.(NT) -- kgp, Thu, February 22 2018, Tuesday -- kgp, Tue, February 20 2018, The following quotation is from An Echo In The Bone by Diana Gabaldon. " [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: Jamie and Willie meeting is always special! And it's what I love about Diana's writing, showing interactions of people that fit into any aera of time. (NT) -- Oatcake, Fri, February 16 2018, QOTD for Thursday, February 15, 2018 -- Lisa W, Wed, February 14 2018, The following quotation is from "The Scottish Prisoner" by Diana Gabaldon, Copyright 2011. Then I spend an afternoon with my sister's grandies and I'm over it. " Hal stood restlessly twirling the club's terrestrial globe, looking elegant, urbane, and thoroughly indigestible. "There seem remarkably few of them among the pages of novels, by contrast to the maternal variety. She looked up at me, and suddenly she was my little girl again. (NT) -- Kathy in PA, Tue, February 06 2018, QOTD for Monday, February 5th, 2018 -- kgp, Mon, February 05 2018, The following quotation is from A Breath Of Snow And Ashes by Diana Gabaldon. The feeling that reality existed in another time, another place. “They take paupers and criminals from prisons, too.” Young Ian, who had evidently heard the exchange, if not understood it, took the opportunity to stop for a moment, wiping his brow as he leaned on his shovel.The following Quote is taken from 'Drums of Autumn', Chapter 17, "Home For the Holidays", by Diana Gabaldon. But what he'd felt in that brief moment when her body came aive to his went a great deal farther. They'd nearly been just that, on the floor of the hallway, and stopping as he had made him feel suddenly and peculiarly vulnerable- he wasn't a whole person any longer, but only half of something not yet made. “But it cannot be blackmail or look like it in any way. “ “I see your opinion of my diplomacy has improved. ” A brief smile touched Fraser’s face, though it vanished almost at once. But we wanted a low flow one, and I refuse to go pick up stuff to save a few bucks - I'm too old for that shit. Are you sick and tired of having to read these odd bits and pieces? And so near as we know, no one dares touch a young nobleman. There's nothing in the rules of duello preventing it," he added. " "I suppose I'd call a surgeon to dispose of your bodies and then commit suicide," Grey said, a little testily." [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: Enjoyed this book so much! That last sentence is a great example of John summing up a situation, with clever irony. "He wondered whether Jamie would shoot him in the chest or simply break his neck when he found out. He didn't know Claire Fraser nearly as well as Jamie did--but he knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that she couldn't keep secrets. And certainly not from Jamie, restored to her from the dead. Your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. We see necessity, and we do the things that must be done.

Because they’re not coming for you, the calm voice within his mind replied. They were in sight now, figures coming slowly out of the distance, taking shape as they came, as though they materialized from thin air. [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: I like that, even though he figured it was supernatural, he puts his coat and pants back on. (NT) -- Kathy in PA, Sun, February 18 2018, QOTD for Friday, February 16, 2018 -- Lisa W, Thu, February 15 2018, The following quotation is from "An Echo In The Bone" by Diana Gabaldon, Copyright 2009. " "You know it was an accident," William said stiffly. At least Fraser's daughter hadn't been present to witness his humiliation at the time. But--" His father pressed the handkerchief to his mouth, his shoulders shaking silently. But where Minnie's face was pretty and gently appealing, Dottie's was underlain by Hal's fine bones and embroidered with his dark lashes; her beauty had a dangerous edge to it. I felt like I got to know (and love) her along with Lord John. "You know; an elderly woman's urgent desire for grandchildren to dandle upon her knee, spoil with sweetmeats, and generally corrupt." He raised his glass to his nose and reverently breathed in the vapors. I haven't had a decent sherry in two years, at least." "What--you mean Mrs. " [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: “Granny lust” a term I had never heard before, but it is a perfect description of that particular feeling. [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: QOTD for Friday, February 9, 2018 -- kgp, Fri, February 09 2018, The following quotation is from Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon, Copyright 1997. All rights reserved “Brianna took a deep breath, and her fist closed tight on the leaf in her hand, crushing it. “Oh, I’m glad,” I said, adding impulsively, “it would be a terrible strain.” “Oh, aye? Some of my friends had brothers though – one of them said they learned eighteen different synonyms for penile erection.” [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: I love conversations where Claire tells Jamie about “modern” times.

The sky was overcast and the air light on his skin, a pleasant change from the summer heat.

Cloudy skies were good for fishing; his father's gamekeeper had told him that.

He wondered why - were the fish dazzled by sun, and thus sought murky hiding places in the depths, but rose toward the surface in dimmer light?

He thought suddenly of the electric eel, which Suddfield had told him lived in the silt-choked waters of the Amazon.

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