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She dated Bob for almost seven years and in 2000 the couple got married.

After seven years of marriage they decided to get a divorce because of their personal disputes.

Never the less, she received almost 2$ million in her settlement and her husband pays her 2000$ in child support.

Tamron Hall is a national correspondent for NBC News and NBC's Today.

Her mother worked as a nurse in a hospital, and she gave all of her love and devotion to Sheree.

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Sheree often said that she likes to keep her private life to herself as much as she can because there are not many people she trusts.

Together they have two children, Kaleigh and Kairo.

It seems that her mother’s faith has been transferred to Sheree since she is now a single mother raising three children.

After her divorce there have been speculations about her dating other men, but nothing was proven.

The amount of her marriage settlement has been very interesting to the audience, since Sheree once said she expected a seven figure number from her ex-husband.

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