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The very first black ancestors of Melungeons appeared in tidewater Virginia, not in the 18th century, but in 1619. Not one single Melungeon family can be traced to a white plantation owner and his black female slave.

However all of these white and Indian families intermarried with Angolans in America, often before 1700.The nation of Mbundu in Angola yielded more black ancestors for Melungeons than any other African people.ANGOLAN ANCESTORS OF MELUNGEONS IN EARLY 17TH CENTURY VIRGINIA, MARYLAND, DELAWARE AND CAROLINA 1620’s: Carter, Cornish, Dale/Dial, Driggers, Gowen/Goins, Johnson, Longo, Mongom/Mongon, Payne 1630’s: Cane, Davis, George, Hartman, Sisco, Tann, Wansey 1640’s: Archer, Kersey, Mozingo, Webb 1650’s: Cuttillo, Jacobs, James 1660’s: Beckett, Bell, Charity, Cumbo, Evans, Francis, Guy, Harris, Jones, Landum/Landrum, Lovina/Leviner, Moore, Nickens, Powell, Shorter, Tate, Warrick/Warwick In the above lists of surnames there is found other documentation that these Africans arriving from 1620-1660 were mostly Angolan.Paul Heinegg in his revealing book, “Free African Americans in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland and Delaware” provides strong evidence that less than one percent of all free Africans were born of white slave-owners.Melungeons are an ethnically diverse group originating in early 1600s Virginia, Carolina, Maryland, and Delaware.Most of the African ancestors of Melungeons were never chattel slaves.They were frequently black men freed from indentured servitude just like many white servants of the 17th century.Their descendants’ later spread into Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, and Texas.The earliest Melungeon ancestors were white northern Europeans, Bantu Africans and North American Indians.When approached by law enforcement, he aimed the gun at the police officer, who in turn fired back, striking him.Cruise companies have stepped up their offerings to widen appeal to a younger demographic.

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