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Clearly Fender wasn’t afraid to use incorrect parts when they were in a bind. The 5G12 Concert is the earliest version from very late 1959 and early 1960 so the existence of a tweed example, while extremely rare, is certainly plausible since Fender was making lots of tweed amps during the same time period.It’s unknown if the tweed covering was a mistake (“Oops, I thought this was a 4x10 Bassman cabinet that I was covering”) or intentional, perhaps as a special order.Working at FMI – I was able to interview a fellow (who wishes to remain anonymous) who worked at Fender in 1972-73 in the amp department.Although his job was somewhat limited, his recollections provided some really fascinating insights to how the amps were built.The tube chart is a diagram detailing what kind of tubes are installed in your amplifier.It will usually be printed on a 4- by 4-inch sticker placed near the tubes in your amp. From 1953 to 1967, this was a two-letter stamp that corresponded with the month and year the amp was manufactured.

I think in the corners of the boxes were older pots remaining from earlier dates... Like I said, there were 5 or 6 of us at the benches every day.For instance, if the amp was manufactured in March of 1955, the serial code would be EC. This two-letter production stamp continued in 1990 when Fender began reissuing Fender Bassman Amplifiers.Here is a comprehensive table for identifying the production stamp: A - 1951, 1990 B - 1952, 1991 C - 1953, 1992 D - 1954, 1993 E - 1955, 1994 F=1956, 1995 G - 1957, 1996 H - 1958, 1997 I - 1959, 1998 J - 1960, 1999 K - 1961, 2000 L - 1962, 2001 M - 1963, 2002 N - 1964, 2003 O - 1965, 2004 P - 1966, 2005 Q - 1967, 2006 A - Jan B - Feb C - Mar D - Apr E - May F - Jun G - Jul H - Aug I - Sep J - Oct K - Nov L - Dec If you are unable to find the production stamp, find the serial number that is also printed on the tube chart.In order to date your 59 Bassman Reissued LTD I will need to know one of the below;* The 2 letter date code on the Tube Chart, or * The 2 letter date code on the QA Sticker, and/or * The Transformer Number that starts with “606-XX-XX”, with the "X's" being 3 or 4 additional numbers that I'll need to know. Be Good, kcbuck By entering this site you declare you read and agreed to its Terms, Rules & Privacy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.Amps are dated by the above manner and the serial number means nothing for dating Fender amplifier... I was working in Waterford once in CT and on the coast we only got a couple of inches but inland they got 2 feet. The only sure-fire way to date a Fender Bassman is by matching serial schemes.Find the tube chart located in the back of your amplifier.Non-Schumacher transformers – It’s been universally accepted that Fender only used Schumacher transformers on amps made in the 1960s and 1970s.These are marked with EIA code “606” which is the company number for Schumacher.His work has been published on e How, Tech and in print for the "The Potrero View" and "Punk Planet." James is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from Portland State University. Oddlings – Yet another printing error has surfaced, this time from the FEI (pre-CBS) days.

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