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Is criminal law an effective tool in the present context of globalized criminality?These questions will constitute some of the criminal law's biggest challenges for the years to come and are the focus of the Global Criminal Law LLM track, which explores the application of the criminal law - both substantive and procedural - in the context of global criminality, such as organized, transnational and international criminality. But sex and sadism are monotonously measured to formula and doggedly inserted in each story, no matter how implausibly or irrelevantly."(1958) In a profile written at a time when Mc Bain had several bestsellers under different names, Lewis Nichols writes "Mr. These weaknesses aside, it is a fine, realistic novel of a not impossible future."(1958) "[The stories] have many of Hunter's virtues: taut storytelling, crisp plots, an observant eye for Manhattan.

[T]he plot has improbabilities that put it into the second class of 87th Precinct books, but the narrative grip and storytelling zest are still there."(1984) ". The programme is specifically tailored to train students into becoming well-equipped legal professionals with both academic skills and practical knowledge of criminal law.Graduates can apply their specialized understanding of substantive and procedural criminal law in domestic, regional and international contexts.(1956) "There have been a number of recent attempts at establishing an American type of police-routine novel patterned after such TV programs as 'Dragnet' or 'Line-Up.' Much the most successful of these efforts to date is Ed Mc Bain's 'Cop Hater.'"(1960) "Mc Bain, fortunately, is not concerned with writing according to the Mc Bain formula . This latest novel is not a detective exploit of the 87th Precinct, but something close to a straight novel about life in the precinct . ."(1965) "In a way this is a false and exasperating book, an exercise in illegitimate suspense created solely by hoodwinking the reader; but it is highly readable, with vivid vignettes of city life and delicately touching treatment of an interracial love story."(1968) "This kind of story is by now very familiar . The action moves, and that is about all one can say for the book."(1975) "His new hero is a retired detective lieutenant named Benjamin Smoke, and Mc Bain labors greatly to make him believable. Mc Bain has the instincts of a good storyteller, but his literary style can be arch, cutesy and full of pseudo-philosophical or pseudo-sociological asides . so spare and taut that it almost seems sleek, as if our feelings were too smoothly taken care of. There is little characterization of any depth; there is little grace to the writing. Its major virtue is that it does not take long to read."(1977) "The idea is intriguing: the writing is wretched. He turns them out by formula, and his 26th title, 'Let's Hear It From the Deaf Man,' is no exception."(1975) "[T]he kind of book one reads without thought, just as it has been written (one feels) almost without thought. At least, 'So Long as You Both Shall Live' reads like it: fast, superficial, altogether routine. In particular, the programme meets the requirements of a career within the int.organizations and judicial institutions as well as within inter-governmental and nat. There is not really much to digest in this kind of prose. Ed Mc Bain owns this turf."(1993) "Although the macabre explanation for Mary's behavior is too much of a psychological stretch, it doesn't detract from Mr. was sensational and controversial when it appeared as a novel last fall. could be called a tour de force, since its significance does not interfere with its impact as entertainment. for the most part the familiar skill and ingenuity are very much in evidence."(1987) "Few authors can so produce shreds of dialogue and use up a couple of pages with them.

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