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Tim’s expertise lies in utilising Core Logic’s extensive data sets and analytic products to provide both a macro and micro assessment of housing market conditions and the interplay with the economic and demographic environment.

Along with the Core Logic research team, Tim regularly publishes reports on housing market conditions in Australia and New Zealand, including the Core Logic RP Data Home Value Indices which are recognised as the benchmark for measuring value movements across Australia’s housing markets.

He continues to monitor California’s housing market for Core Logic in two monthly data briefs detailing trends in Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jon Wierks holds the title principal with the Science & Analytics Team.

Cameron Kusher has worked as a property research analyst across the Australian property markets for more than 10 years.

He joined Core Logic Asia in 2008 as a senior research analyst.

Tim joined Core Logic Asia in 2007 as Executive Director responsible for overseeing the group’s national research division.

Tom is a nationally recognized leader in wildfire risk modeling and has been involved in brushfire modeling since the 1990s. Building on his early work in brushfire risk modeling, he continues to investigate and develop brushfire databases, using the most current geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing tools and data available. Putman Associates, where he was responsible for the programming and implementation of a system of computer models used to forecast economic activity in metropolitan areas.

He joined Core Logic in 2015 as a research analyst working in the Office of the Chief Economist.

Previously, Andrew was an analyst and writer for DQNews, a partner of Data Quick (acquired by Core Logic in 2014).

Bin leads research and development of the Core Logic Home Price Index and the Core Logic Real Estate Analytics Suite.

Bin is also responsible for the modeling that powers the Core Logic Risk Model.

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