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Whether you remember collecting Panini football stickers when Brighton were a force in the top flight or gathered some souvenirs from the final match at the Goldstone, I hope they’ll be some stuff here of interest to you.

The blog will feature Brighton & Hove Albion-related magazine cuttings, photos, football cards, excerpts from match programmes, leisure wear, fixture cards, and other bits and pieces from yesteryear. I will let the images evoke your memories rather than write essays.

She was inspired to start her own business by local haunts that she looked up to like Designist, Pantibar, and Siopaella.

When so many people have emigrated recently, Shawna realises what a privilege it is to be an emigrant with a successful start-up in a country she is proud to be a citizen of.

Originally from Seattle, Shawna started Sex Siopa a little over a year ago, just before becoming an Irish citizen. In Sex Siopa’s first year, Shawna won a Web Award for Best e Commerce site in Ireland, was featured in The Sun, landed herself a 3-page spread in Totally Dublin, and was talked about on Ryan Tubridy’smorning show on RTE 2FM.

In 2014 she has been featured in Le Cool, Irish Country, Trinity News Two Magazine, Woman’s Way, Stellar and on

Both sides say Australians can learn from the Irish experience ahead of the Turnbull Government's voluntary non-binding postal survey.

1st Place for 'The Goldstone Wrap' Badge "Right from the off, we both loved this badge.According to University College Dublin’s (UCD) paper, around 200 agricultural science students are involved in the group where they are said to be sharing “stories about girls they had sex with, shared nudes, and then posted the girls’ Facebook pages where they’d all rate them out of ten,” reports the paper.The paper has also said this isn’t the first time agricultural science students have landed in bother with a controversial Facebook group.He tours the world under the stage name Panti Bliss and wants to see same-sex marriage introduced by any means possible.But he claims Australia's method is one of the silliest ideas he's heard of."With all the love in my heart for Australia, I think you're absolute idiots," the gay rights campaigner tells me in his bar in central Dublin."Surveys, plebiscites or referendums are a bad way to go about it — they're stressful, they're hurtful, people say a lot of horrible, homophobic things and your one isn't even binding, so what's the point?Anything that deviates from nature, from the norm, cannot be good in the long-run."Father Twomey and several other opponents of same-sex marriage in Ireland believe the campaign is only part of a broader push to diminish the role of God in public life."[The abuse scandals] the church has gone through is partly to blame and also partly to blame is the fact that God has been forgotten," Father Twomey says.The vast majority of Yes and No voters the ABC met in Ireland expect same-sex marriage to become law in Australia soon.As the cultural and political capital of the Republic of Ireland, which has become increasingly progressive and gay-friendly in recent years, having recently legalized same-sex marriage, friendly and energetic Dublin lies at the heart of the country's gay scene.This deeply literary and historic metropolis with about 530,000 residents within its city limits hosts the popular Dublin Gay Pride in late June, and in the heart of the bustling - albeit touristy - Temple Bar nightlife district, you'll find a handful of extremely popular gay bars.The city doesn't have too many expressly LGBT nightspots, but the few establishments here are centrally located, inviting, and typically quite packed on weekends.Moreover, should you venture into just about any pub, wine bar, or restaurant cocktail lounge in the heart of the city, you'll be warmly welcomed, no matter your sexual orientation.

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