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If one would like to think of a decorated trencher as parallel to a modern-day fortune cookie or Christmas cracker, we are on the right track, albeit without the nuances that these objects would have had in period.The words ‘trencher’ and ‘roundel’ appear to have been equally used once these objects began to be used as an object in their own right with a specific purpose, with roundel referring to the circular shape of the majority.Elizabethan/late 16th century trenchers are a long way from their humble originals, the medieval (and earlier) trencher.Trenchers began as the flat slice of a flattish loaf of bread incorporating the top or bottom of the loaf, used as a plate.

So this introduction is to give some information and background to the actual objects which have been the inspiration.None the less, what began as bread vessels turned into wooden ones, such as these from Abingdon-On-Thames in the mid-16th Century.And as with anything which can reflect status, the trenchers which were owned by wealthier people became thinner and better finished, to show the craftsmanship they could afford.“I was approached earlier on, about five seasons ago, and at that point it wasn’t the right timing for me,” he says.“I deal with a lot of very high profile [clients] and I wasn’t sure if being a part of the show was the right fit.” RELATED: Fredrik Eklund’s Dance Moves Are the Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up You Need But due to its success, and with a little push from Eklund, Gold decided to take the leap and now accepts everything that comes along with small-screen stardom — including letting the audience into his love life.From there, it was not hard to see the development of the underside becoming a potential surface for decoration.In particular, it would seem that a trencher for the end of the meal, for cheese or sweetmeats, became a regular occurrence.Amongst the extant examples, we can see a single, rather battered, painted example survives in the Bristol museum: Trencher/roundel in the British Museum Artist unknown Wood, painted with flowers and verse England c1525-75 A complete set with its accompanying box is in the Museum of London: MOL225809 Trenchers and box, made in London, 1601-35 (beech) by English School, (17th century); diameter: 16.5 cm; © Museum of London, UK; PERMISSION REQUIRED FOR NON EDITORIAL USAGE; English, out of copyright PLEASE NOTE: The Bridgeman Art Library works with the owner of this image to clear permission.If you wish to reproduce this image, please inform us so we can clear permission for you.“If you decide to do something, you have to do it all the way, whether that’s work or love or filming the show,” he says.“So when I decided to do it, I decided to do it all.” As for whether his TV star status will make dating easier, Gold is still undecided.

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