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The current culture of fear causes physicians to practice defensively, which is clearly not in the interest of patients and creates significant costs for the NHS.We must develop a system that's fair and timely." In the study, 6,144 doctors with past or current patient complaints against them completed an anonymous online survey to measure their perceptions of the complaints procedure, which included questions on how well supported they felt by colleagues and managers.And even though Elijah condition is still considered “not alive,” it was nice to see him standing alongside Hayley and Hope in his subconscious.(I’ll admit, however, I had to keep reminding myself that she’s more fashionable.

She’s now linked to Davina, so as she explained rather plainly, “If you want to keep her safe, you belong to me.” Other thoughts…Complaints procedures are often prolonged, and some can last years.Many doctors are suspended from work while under investigation for long periods with no fixed end date.Elijah’s death may not have been the ideal excuse for a Mikaelson family reunion, but that didn’t make me any less excited to see Rebekah and Kol back in New Orleans on Friday’s episode of The Originals. Sure, Elijah was no longer among the living — his entire sire line dropping dead in the episode’s awesome cold open was proof enough of that — but his soul was alive and (mostly) well inside Freya’s pendant.It turns out he was just hiding out in one of his old memories, and after Freya failed to connect with him, it was up to Hayley to put her man’s pieces back together, Humpty Dumpty-style.The General Medical Council (GMC) regulates doctors in the UK and can stop or limit their rights to practice.Around 9000 doctors a year are reported to the GMC, and around 160 are suspended or erased from the medical register.These doctors were 16 per cent more likely to experience depression, 20 per cent more likely to experience anxiety and ten per cent more likely to show signs of avoidance in their practice.In addition, 20 per cent of respondents felt the complaint against them was lodged as a result of their whistleblowing, and 39 per cent felt bullied during the complaints process.* I was expecting to see Danielle Campbell again this week, nor next week (according to that promo). * On that note, let’s get another Cami scene up in here!* I loved Klaus’ speech to Elijah’s corpse at the top of the hour.

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