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Nor have we heard anything more of a further investigation into who else they think may have been involved.Rudy Guede, currently serving his sentence was convicted on the basis that he did not act alone, however, with no one else on trial or convicted it does of course raise questions for us as a family and anyone following the case.Here in a moving statement given exclusively to Daily on the anniversary of her death, Stephanie - who still struggles to deal with unanswered questions surrounding the case - shares her feelings and emotions from the past decade.University of Leeds student Meredith Kercher was found stabbed to death in her apartment while she was studying abroad in Perugia, Italy on November 1, 2007.As anyone that has lost someone so close to them, and most certainly those who have had to experience the tragedy and despair of having someone taken from them in such a brutal way, will tell you that the pain and helplessness never ceases.American student Amanda Knox (pictured arriving in court) - who was roommates with Kercher at the time - became one of the main suspects in the international murder trial along with her boyfriend Italian Raffaele Sollecito.He was convicted in the murder but is believed to not have acted alone.

We will visit the cemetery and remember Mez in our own way as a family and her friends will also be gathering to mark the last 10 years of friendship with Mez as a celebration rather than the horrific tragedy that it is.We are ever thankful to the public and the people of Italy for their support and kindness and their own remembrance of Mez.For the girl who felt for Italy like her own home, who was a true friend to those she met, loyal, caring and empathetic but who would also stand up for what she believed in and was true to herself.If nothing else, I can remain sure that the last time I saw her, when I touched her frozen cold body and lay a kiss on her cheek for the last time, the determination to live, the struggle and the fight that she put up on the evening of November 1st despite being outnumbered was clear to see.It is difficult to come terms with not knowing exactly what happened that night, as whether you believe the guilt or innocence of the accused there are still contradictions and discrepancies in the judge's summary.But all these years on Meredith's memory still burns bright and the Kerchers will mark the anniversary of their beloved Mez's death as they always do, lighting a candle and remembering the laughter and joy she brought to their lives.Meredith's older sister Stephanie says family and friends will gather at the cemetery in Croydon, south London and remember 21-year-old Mez in their own way, marking the past 10 years of friendship with her as a celebration rather than the horrific tragedy that it is.In the 10 years that have somehow already passed, we know nothing new of what happened to her and as stated before, I wonder if we ever will.I do feel let down by the Italian justice system as it has contradicted itself on its decisions and has sought no new avenue of investigation.The anniversary of Meredith leaving us is not one we really like to mark.Ivorian national Rudy Hermann Guede's (left) fingerprints were found on the crime scene.

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