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I'm only working from the Gazette, and the digitised copies of the citations which are available from The National Archives website (for a fee if you don't happen to be onsite at Kew), so it's all a bit OR, and would be grateful if anyone knows of any other sources to flesh this out a bit.

He was later promoted to major-general, and appointed Director of Telecoms at the war office in 1958(-61).

Cheers, Ian Rose (talk) , (UTC) To clarify the above: as long as the company produces some purely military products, it can also produce civilian products. When I last looked, the B-52 is planned to stay operational until at least 2030; pretty good for a first flight in the early fifties.

Therefore I'd probably go for Malyshev Factory as MILHIST as well. It worries me when the third generation of a family has flown the same general combat aircraft type.David Underdown (talk) , (UTC) , (UTC) University history students (or from other departments if adventurous) willing to undertake both off- and -on wiki tasks should sign up here.Buckshot06(prof) , (UTC) I noticed that an article for Eric Cole had been put up for DYK, as initially written the article focussed on his (brief) first-class cricket career, but having done a brief bit of digging on his army career it looks as if he may be notable for that too (and his army career lasted much longer! He picked up a Mention in Despatches at Dunkirk (though he was actually nominated for an MBE) for keeping 1 Corps comms going until the HQ was evacuated, and was wounded on the beaches. The article Army Air Corps was formerly about the British unit of that name. UK: According to Timeline of the British Army, the Army Air Corps was formed September 1, 1957.This was wrong for a majority of the links there, so an editor wisely moved it to Army Air Corps (United Kingdom) and made Army Air Corps a dab page. However, there are many uses of the term "Army Air Corps" prior to that. I find many references to Army Air Corps from WWII which are clearly UK not US.Nick Dowling (talk) , (UTC) I've nominated an article that I helped achieve FA status for FAR.I don't believe that this article is worthy of being an FA article anymore as garbage has creeped into it over the past year.That caused it to show up on the list, and I set about disambiguating 400 links. I assumed that this was just sloppy use of "Army Air Corps" as a retronym to refer to it's predecessor agencies, so I changed them to United States Army Air Service (not just piped, but changed the text) save one from 1917 which I changed to Aviation Section, U. The article James Fitzmaurice (pilot) says "He joined the Army Air Corps in 1919". Also I was stumped by Solder wick, which contains no hints to distinguish US v UK.Most of them were obvious, but I found some odd cases, and ended up confused on some points. When was "Army Air Corps" first used for a British unit? Looks like the UK Army Air Corps was re-formed in 1957, having previously existed during World War II, the post-WWI reference might be to some of the Army cooperation squadrons which the RAF had at that date.My writing skills are not really up to FA standards and I'm honestly not motivated enough to restore this article to where it should be.If anybody else wants to work on it, feel free to do so.

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