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But Attackers never produced a worthy film for Ryo. Hi, All: A few months back, there was a GIMP poll on whether Japanese movies had lost their edge.With the latest feedback regarding Attackers, I think it's beyond dispute that Japanese films have indeed gone from GIMP to limp. Se depois do jogo da Holanda cornetei Donadoni, não vou fazê-lo agora.

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Sort of "The Wild One" meets "Dynasty" meets "Hamlet." And Katey Sagal is one hot biker mama, considering she's 55 years old.

Most noteworthy last year were the (pre-tattoo) Maria Ozawa stinkers.

I don't know that the situation has been quite so bad this year, but the Asami Ogawa films weren't as good as they could have been (and I hold out no hope for her upcoming release).

BTW, not that I mean to be a pedantic asshole, but "bonified" isn't a word.

The phrase is bona fide (Latin for "in good faith").

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