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"Daniel and Rachel looked like a romantic couple in a film.They were laughing and hanging on to each other's words and stopping to take photos of each other," one witness said of their very public pub canoodling during the getaway.Renata Zejer, a therapist for Champneys Tring Health Resort said: ‘A lot of athletes are having this kind of therapy.It makes them feel energised and enables better blood supply so it is easier to do exercise.‘The intense change in temperature pumps the blood around the body and releases more endorphins, so people feel more energised and have more oxygen, which makes them feel more refreshed afterwards and makes it easier for them to exercise.He's at ease with sexuality unlike most male celebs.after my husband shamed me by impregnating the star of his movie Black Swan, I divorced him and said Daniel, lets get a beard thing going...It will prove you are not gay and also help me get over my public humiliation.Right about the same time this photo of Craig and Anderson Cooper at a Vanity Fair party showed up. I'm not saying that they're right, but I do enjoy the idea.

There was a blind item a while back about a foreign actor not known for liking boys sneaking off to give a NY newsman a blowjob at a party.

I've read rumors elsewhere that he's gay and mentioned this to my boss, who is a lesbian.

For some reason she got bent out of shape refusing to entertain the notion that Daniel Craig might be gay.

That woman deserves some good dick and a guy who treats her like the goddess she is. Wistful daydreaming from the zaftig caftanescas of DL, murmuring "Yum" through a lungful of mentholated Virginia Slims smoke plumes. A few years ago, he was pushing for a gay James Bond storyline. I didn't say you had to agree you stupid fuck R38, but acting like a homophobic asshole on a gay gossip forum is not participating. At some point during a Bi man's life, they usually choose to get married to a female.

If he is bi--which, let's face it, he's an actor, wouldn't be that surprising--I just can't see him dropping to his knees to worship Anderson's cock. Daniel Craif has had real relationships with real women and had real children. And being photographed with Anderson Cooper at a soiree does not a liaison make. Too bad that never happened (nervous studio execs...). All he suggested was that considering how coldbloodedly Bond seduces women, it would make sense for him to seduce guys too in order to further the aims of Her Majesty's Secret Service. R24, read my post again (R22): I said gay [bold]storyline[/bond]. He wanted to appeal to both gay and straight audiences. Or are you just too fucking moronic to grasp that simple fact? It's easier that way and technically they aren't fooling anyone because they like women.

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