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When you initiate meeting requests, will receive many accepted meeting invitation responses that can clutter your mailbox.To filter these incoming responses, you can create a rule that will automatically move them to a specified folder.You could still process and track those responses manually then to still have an up-to-date reference on who is coming and who is not.This method also works for when you got an answer to a meeting invitation via telephone, at the water cooler or via any other means besides Outlook.Actually, you can apply the Filter feature to filter meeting invitations, meeting responses, and meeting updates from email messages directly.

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Note 1: Even though a meeting request will no longer be automatically added as Tentative to your Calendar upon receiving, it will still be added as Tentative as soon as you select the meeting request in your message list.Filter meeting invitations/responses/updates with a custom search folder Filter meeting invitations/updates with a rule Filter meeting invitations/responses/updates with Filter feature The Search Folder feature is quite helpful in Microsoft Outlook, and enables you to automatically filter all meeting invitations, responses, and updates from a specified mail folder easily.Step 1: Shift to the Mail view and open a mail folder that you will filter meeting invitations, responses and updates from.Step 5: In the second Rules Wizard dialog box, check the option of which is a meeting invitation or update, and then click the Next button.Step 6: In the third Rule Wizard dialog box, see screen shot below: (1) Check the option of move it to the specified folder; (2) Click the text of specified; (3) In the coming Rules and Alerts dialog box, click to highlight a mail folder that you will move meeting invitations and updates to, and click the OK button. Step 7: Click the Next button in the next Rules Wizard dialog box; and then in the last Rule Wizard dialog box, check the option of Run this rule now on messages already in “your folder name”, and click the Finish button.Step 8: Close the Rules and Alerts dialog box with click the OK button.After running this custom rule, all meeting invitations and meeting updates in opened mail folder are filtered and moved to your specified folder.Complete a brief survey to get a complimentary 70-page whitepaper featuring the best methods and solutions for your virtual environment, as well as hypervisor-specific management advice from Tech Target experts. On occasion, it could happen that message tracking is not working correctly and responses are not automatically recorded in Outlook.How can I updating the meeting without having new requests sent out?If you just make some updates to the agenda, you will send those updates out.

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