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The most direct route from the UK, is to fly with Ryanair from London Stansted to Jerez, which is just 33 minutes away by car.

It’s also quite easy to fly from the UK to Seville and catch the train (1 hour 40) or hire a car.

Cost: 6 EUR Climb Cadiz Cathedral Tower: So you’ve taken in the panoramic views of the city from Torre Tavira, now compare them with the views from the top of the cathedral.

Personally, I preferred the views from up here, as I loved snapping photos with the bells silhouetted against the incredible city backdrop. Cost: 5 EUR Hit The Beach: The beaches around Cadiz have won plenty of awards, including being recognised as one of Europe’s best urban beaches.

La Caleta at one end of the peninsula is a popular spot with both tourists and locals, but it can get a little crowded.

If you want to spread out, head just a few minutes into the new city to Santa María Del Mar or La Victoria.

There are also plenty of celebrations during Semana Santa (Holy Week).

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Free to visit, it’s amazing to walk all over this piece of history. You’ll need to book onto a guided tour in order to marvel at the periscope images of the city projected onto the camera oscura.Even in mid-winter it can be as warm as 16 or 17 degrees.The time you may find the weather uncomfortable is more likely to be in the summer months when temperatures can reach as high as 38-40 degrees.The Campsite is situated in the Parque Natural de la Breña and Marismas de Barbate, a vast sand-dune area covered in pine-trees, wild olive trees and mastic trees, next to some stunning cliffs.Here, you can practise surfing, windsurfing, horse-riding, hiking, and mountain-biking, dolphin and whale-watching… If what you are looking for is relaxation, you can spend the day on the nearby beaches such as Palmar beach, Zahora beach or the beach in Caños de Meca, without forgetting the magnificent beach in Bolonia with the Baelo Claudia Roman ruins.Food Tour Of Cadiz: Always one of my absolute favourite ways to get to know a city, the guys from Pancho Tours and Cadizfornia Tours are young, fun, and so passionate about their home city.They know which bars have interesting stories to tell, where to get the best fried fish, and where you should spend your Euros for the rest of your stay!Explore The Shops: While there are a few streets around Calle Columela with well-known stores such as Zara, Desigual and Mango, Cadiz has lots of boutiques, gift shops and food stores.The fun comes in discovering them as you explore the city on foot.There are wiggly narrow streets, beautiful tree-lined plazas, fountains, great restaurants and sensational views.It’s somewhere you could create an itinerary packed with tours and museum visits, or just spend a few days eating, drinking and exploring at your own pace. While some of Spain’s larger cities are becoming more multi-cultural, Cadiz has retained a truly Spanish flavour.

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