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In early July 2015, temperatures were rising in the boardroom on the top floor of a 12-storey office block in Hammersmith, West London.Marco Nardone, the 28-year-old CEO and founder of social media app Fling, had called an emergency meeting the day after his app was removed from the App Store by Apple for being too similar to the notorious Chatroulette platform.In person, Nardone was hyper, ambitious, and volatile, our sources said.He had the ability to charm investors and would-be employees, but several former staff said they ended up scared of him, citing his unpredictable moods and confrontational approach as major issues.By the time we landed I had already prototyped the designs for Fling." When Nardone returned to London, he pulled his engineers off the original Unii idea.He assigned them to build the Fling app and moved them into a new, top-floor office in Hammersmith — far from Mayfair — that had the ability to accommodate more staff.

"Marco made decisions completely on his own to the point where the tech team didn’t know what he was doing," a former employee said.At its peak, Fling claimed to have 4 million users on its app, who sent a total of 50 billion messages.However, the revenue-free company burnt through the last of its millions in August 2015, according to documents produced by bankruptcy administrators.In 2012, Nardone set out to build a social network for students called Unii from an office on Berkeley Street in London.That's the Berkeley Street that adjoins the legendary Berkeley Square in Mayfair, where a nightingale once sang for Vera Lynn. The 28-year-old — who attended the £37,000-a-year Charterhouse boarding school before studying physics at Imperial College London — worked as a trader for Credit Suisse for a year before becoming a technology entrepreneur.The random recipients could then chat and reply to the sender.The app also showed "Flingers" a map of where their Flings had landed.His father is the multimillionaire founder of Enotria Winecellars, a successful wine business that distributes wine and spirits to bars and restaurants around the UK."Marco felt pressure to live up to his father," said a former Fling employee."However, from the top, it was built to feel like a university startup built out of a dorm room.I think it envied what Facebook had become, and wanted to emulate what they had done." attracted 100,000 UK students within six months of going live, according to Nardone.

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