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It was only many years later what a douche he is and what a corrosive effect people like him have on our culture.That said, I will never forget his “Old woman who lived in a shoe” bit, which was fairly humorous.

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Indeed, diving headfirst into max-capacity, all-hands-on-deck lunacy, Oreo follows the shadow of its perfect cinnamon bun predecessor with a take on the original Hostess Cupcake, a nostalgic (if sometimes dry) packaged good with a highly specific flavor and repute of great renown.(This statement has not been approved by the FDA.) What with their apparent skill at taking gambles, it’s a wonder that Oreo hasn’t launched a car line, lifestyle website, and competitive TV series. Package is significantly smaller than standard Oreos. While some of Oreo’s efforts have seen immediate demise, this new spin does a moderately good job. Hyper-sweet like the classic, yet also gooier that regular Oreo creme, the cookie’s center dab of white floof strikes a special place between Betty Crocker Frosting and Toaster Strudel Decorative Icing.What’s more, its unobstructed sugar balances out the roasted dark chocolate cookie with a texture and flavor that revives the cookie from the dull chocolate frosting, harkening back to the contrasts that gave the original cookie its reputation: the bitter with the sweet. The Surrealist experience with the Euclidean Geometry of cookie design. For a company that’s constructed its status on how to eat sandwich cookies, these new biscuits present new horizons.The year was 1922 when Sir Leonard Woolley began his excavation of the Mesopotamian city-state of Ur.It was here where he found a pair of dice dating back 4000 years, thus proving that humans have been degenerate gamblers since the ancients.Sure, you can still chomp, twist, nibble, and dunk, but you can also eat just the creamy white center separately. You can twist and dip your cookie in the white floof like a nacho.You can stack, dissolve, crush, crumble, and cure the common cold. Ancient Egyptians played a game resembling backgammon.On the Indian subcontinent more than 3,500 years ago, there were public and private gambling houses, dice games, and betting on fights between animals.

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