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But, notwithstanding the vast range of lifestyles and class-based opportunities in Mexico, some similarities are widely shared.

Mexican society is sharply divided by income and educational level.

Daily life in Mexico varies dramatically according to socioeconomic level, gender, ethnicity and racial perceptions, regional characteristics, rural-versus-urban differences, and other social and cultural factors.

A Mayan peasant in the forests of the Yucatán leads an existence utterly different from that of a successful lawyer in Toluca or a lower-middle-class worker in Monterrey.

Walk out your door in the morning and the first dozen people you pass are likely all to be eating something – tamales, popsicles, potato chips covered in valentina sauce, fruit in cup with lime and chile, or, the breakfast of champions – tacos.

Spend any amount of time in the country and you will learn the joys of street eating. And while other places around the world may give this country a run for its money in regards to noise, many foreigners living here have perfected the art of blocking out the constant sound.

Tilting your head instead of your taco simply makes good sense (that way you don’t lose all the juicy goodness), the pinkie in the air like a royal at tea… Most foreigners who live in Mexico will tell you that their staple products in the refrigerator will make a slight shift.

While thresholds vary, most foreigners eventually succumb to their craving for spice, since even salsas that Mexicans say “” to random diners you pass with a mouthful of food, Mexico will teach you to talk to strangers on a regular basis.

Everyday the gas guy announces his presence with a call or a song, the sweet potato vendor has a piercing whistle, the trash guys hammer away on a bell to let you know it’s time to bring out your trash – and that’s just in the city.

In the country it’s the local high school brass band practicing out on the field, dogs barking, construction, and fireworks every night of the year!

As a matter of etiquette you’ll find that if you don’t say it to those eating around you (both when you arrive and when you leave) you will stick out like a sore (rude) thumb.

It’ll take some reminding at first but eventually it will roll off your tongue without a thought.

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