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a neighborhood now scrubbed of its cross-dressing hookers. The 30-year-old grandson of the late Gianni Agnelli, he holds the title of vice chairman of the Fiat group, maker of such items as Ferraris and farm equipment.

Like his grandfather and great uncle, he married a noblewoman. Elkann is poised to move into the driver's seat at the 107-year-old icon, the European model of family capitalism espoused by his clan is struggling to endure.

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BYLINE: Deborah Schoeneman After overdosing on a near-lethal combo of cocaine and heroin in a transsexual prostitute's apartment in Turin in October, Agnelli heir and Italian tabloid obsession Lapo Elkann (pictured) went to rehab (the same clinic as Kate Moss) and decided to disappear into Manhattan.

Some media outlets speculated that the cocaine Elkann used that night may have been of lower purity, or may have been laced with heroin. I don't know much about him though outside of the Vanity Fair article and pictures I've seen of his style. Its refreshing since just about every other male around is either entirely classic or apeing the Hedi Slimane look on some level. ) (repubblica.it) (brigham.com) (digilander.libero.it) Some HQ's Elkann_01 sources: Lunarossafanclub, Libero, Rai, tgfin, Datasport (all Italian sites ending with "it") plus and and a small picture There is an article in Italian with a modest gallery of tiny pics here: to numerous reports from AP, which quotes his brother John Elkann, Vice-chairman at Fiat Auto Sp A, confirming it, Lapo is back in the US, or is expected back soon.

I'm not in love with the Fiat sweaters but the suits are incredible pinstripes on the right man are absurdly wonderful. John says Lapo is doing well since his overdose last October "but still needs time" (to recover fully).

Lapo’s paternal grandmother was Carla Ovazza (the daughter of Vittorio Camillo Ovazza and Olga Cinci Fubini).

Carla, who was an Italian Jew, was a member of the influential Ovazza banking family, based in Turin, Italy.

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