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For example, suppose that you are both a customer and supplier to company A and that you set up a contractual netting relationship.You agree on certain intervals to conduct netting and zero out your respective accounts.

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The system creates the netting reference ID when you define your People Soft Payables netting relationship with your supplier.Specifying pay groups restricts the selection of payments to the pay group specified.The fields on this page are available for entry only if you select Use Supplier Pay Groups or specify a netting option of In People Soft Payables, a pay cycle is a set of payment selection criteria that you use to pay groups of vouchers that share certain characteristics.In this case, you could set up a separate pay cycle for each business unit.People Soft Payables creates payments only for the business unit or units specified in the pay cycle.Netting closing can be run manually from the Manual Select Netting component (NET_MANUAL_SELECT), or it can be run automatically during Pay Cycle.You specify the automatic netting parameters in the Automatic Netting Selection component (NET_AUTO_SELECTION).You can run the Payment Forecast report (APY2040), which enables you to see your cash requirements by business unit, supplier, bank, or payment method. When you create a pay cycle, you can specify to use the netting process to offset accounts receivable and accounts payable transactions for a customer who is also a supplier.Netting decreases the number of transactions between you and your customer or supplier and, by reducing banking fees, saves you business costs.If I click no, I cannot proceed with the recertification. Even though I have the same error message when creating a new email account, everything works fine.Anyone of you out there have the slightest clue to fix this error? It is this recertification part that I am unable to get it to work. Check that the path to the Certifier ID is pointing to the folder that you expected.

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