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Gillieannechavezdeleon @ ya ..thankyou ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ™‹Hai carl im leme ann Bansag from philippines, Two One yrs old.i am willing to meet you see you and also become your future wife f we love and respect each othe, if u you want to call me on phone hres my number Zero Nine Two Zero Seven Seven One Four Five Four Seven .thankyo .godbless.. You have a good principle on you life, were same a good intention and hope will meet soon our destiny... Single and still believe love life is like a fairy tales that soon will be happily ever after. I think his my life forever until the rest of my life... Im cris from philippines, but i dont know how to put my pictute here.. By the way heres my contact then Nine Seven One Five Zero One Four Zero Six Six Two One .to see me heres my skype. im local performer any occassion except the in wedding,bday annversary ect. Like you,we dream the same..have someone who can be with for the rest of my life. she's a filipina women who is so loving & caring..don't care about's the love that she needs....i hope you read this..thank you.. .the way I'm working in Kuwait this my number Nine Six Five Five Five Eight One Six Five Four Seven I like that man because he wanted to meet filipina women to find a serious relationship with her..i am a filipina but i am not saying you like other d i hope you not also tired for filipino woman.But I believe to he have plan for me why my first marriage broke... Guys if you love the person pls be a honest to your self.. A lifelong partner in richer or poorer,in sickness and in health. Hi sir,good morning there,and have a great day to you.. hope you find the right girl for you,the girl that is not asking for money, the kind of girl that serious only for love..carl my name is lezil 43 yr old from philippines looking for man who stick to one and loving honest and down to earth, im simple lady honest and have since of humor, if i got a family im willing to serve and love my husband till end of my life,and good mother for my children, but the most important is trust respect and love,, especially in LDR relationship, hope u read this,,hello carl ma age is 18 years old my house bulacan like you because you gentelman in the girl me is not other girl stay you of money me is not because you my boyfriend of love not boyfriend in the money you is to wanted in girlfriend and me is to wanted a boyfrtend i hpoe accept me to your girl friend some day Hi Carl! Also honestly i wnt to find man who loves me and very responble ti his family. I hope u can find the lucky girl..u wanted.lost hope.a girl whocan spend with u for the rest of ur life.u get old.u,and love u.. I'm looking for person,,that willing to accept hu I am.. just droppin by and wondering what are those questions raise on this site.. but I d feel appreciated and finish till the last question then..Then the patented Compatibility Matching System will try to match you with the right person.Filipino Friend Finder Popularity: Filipino Friend Finder is a dating website for Filipino singles and people who are interested in them. Popularity: is an online dating website focused on helping Filipino women finding the man of their dreams for love, romance, and possibly even marriage.You can find single american man who wants to marry a filipina woman. I know too hard to trust and believe now but hope u will give me a chance to introduce u Myself.Guys looking for filipina girls are found on this page looking to start a serious relationship for marriage and start a family with an asian female from the phillipines to the USA [1683]Many American single men look for asian Filipina women because women from the phillipines are loyal and very respectful. A and I am looking for a nice Filipina woman for my wife. Willing to leave her home to come live with me in the U. Here's my Viber, Six Three Nine One Seven Six Four Nine Eight Eight Six Three Hi carl im gen ..a single ge..tired 2 luv a filipino boy they always play my feelings....willing 2 surrender my faithfully luv 2 a man deserve it....i want a simple living as long as his wealth of luv @ kind/honest...34yrs old...f ur intrested on me my fb acct....geneveive bihag....working now as a domestic helper here in kuwait ciity... Carl is a nice's your status the way I'm Charmaine from Philippines .I'm living here in uae.. I appreciate about your feelings, Honesty, I'm a simple woman, good woman, and friendly person nice, loving, caring but I'm not a tall girl. Loves age doesn't matter and Divorced/vices/kids are OK! if u want i can give u more details..serious..thanks for ur time...Anyway, the monthly cost of a paid membership is small, compared with your overall "dating cost", which may include travel expense, dinner, etc.

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The option may especially work well for some pretty Filipina women. anyway, you can see me on skype, my skype account is yhan_yap..hello! well filipina are known of being hospitable and caring.... im28 yrs of thats true, we have so many scam nowadays even a man or a women,i have so many experienced for the man in the uk, they couted me, then after they want me to send me the money for them and that s scam, you know carl, its very hard to find a man /women a real and genuine now adays, just be the way just call me rose..hi! Iin relation, we need to know each other..we should undergo the stages....1st, friendship..should know if we are compatible..can detect thru conversation even in far distance..if the love and love need. I dont have nothing to show off only I have is a strong fighting spirit .maybe im cute (zero five sixnine six onenine three fivefivehi!! Jewel heart is not my real name,just message me on fb if you wanna learn more about me. i am looking for a down to earth Asian woman so i can live the rest of my life with. i am 28 years old and a single lady,honest and a god fearing one.hoping to receive a reply from carl, im vivian moralda, filipina simple beauty, i am also looking serious relationship..! just ad me yahoo messger, moraldavivian - at - yahoo! am 24 years old last january 2014 my mother is muslim, and my father is chinese from hongkong....i am also looking for good foriegner, i mean deserving to love and care with me..specially to come with me here in philippines, to prove that he can do anything as long as he can... thanks and god bless you carl my name is beth im hoping dat u can find a nice girl for u dat loving u all ur life..can be ur life partner forever..:) good day and godbless as always..:)im pilipino also looking a guy who accept me for who i am.. Hi carl,just want to be your friend coz I know I'm not qualified on your standard,im a filipina working here in Dubai,im a single (divorce)mom of two kids.small (short ) brown complexion..Visit Official Website of Filipino Cupid Filipino Kisses Popularity: Founded in 2006, Filipino Kisses is a highly popular Filipno dating site, and claims to have over 500,000 members.Many western men like Filipina women for they are loving and committed partners with gentle hearts.Thats why i am looing for a filipina woman who is willing to start a serious relationship with an american man in the united states.. I have heard Filipina women are loyal to their husband. If u want to see me just add me in fb .my email m i i z x _ c h a _ 1 5 @ Yahoo! Honesty I'm not here to find a future husband, because of the money. have a nice ill give u her contact details...I want a Filipino girl to love me so i can love her back. and we just getting to started our conversation about ur life.a nice day always :)After reading your profile, you are the type of woman I have been searching for. Nice to meet you even if I saw you on photo I think you are a kind man :) hope you find your woman .. I'am here to find my first and last man in my life and also looking for my future husband forever. Thank for read this, Good luck and God bles(*_*)..i'm 23 years old and i'm single mommy..i will to help please for give me to inlove again.. Six Three Nine One Five Eight Seven One Three Nine Six Nine .. Am a single mother, if you give me a chance it be could yours till d end....The only thing I demand is for us to understand and love each other are two things: TRUST AND RESPECT.. TRUST RESPECT = LOVEAlso, if you have these qualities it will help our relationship last a life time:1. Lifetime partner, trustworthy, does not care about money, only love is needed. I'm also a filipina Two Zero years old.#Zero Nine Two Seven Nine Two Six One Five Zero Eight if you want you can text or call me .. Who will love me for who and what I am who truly loves me, respectful, honest,sincere, loyal,and responsible person. Honesty, I'm very serious woman, I'm afraid to love and hurt... This is my email add if you interested to me.type this or add this to your facebook account.. Money is not important for me.......,respect, is all I need thats the important aspect I found in a good man like you... But I'm not expect that may husband play my feelings very hard to accept coz I don't like divorce ... Hi im jersey valencia girl im interested to know more about u my dear carl im ilocana im a local radio singer im 31 if u want to know more ab out me addme on ur facebook j e r z 2 5 _ @ Yahoo! Like you, Im looking for a partner who will live and stay for me for the rest of our lives A best buddy in richer or poorer,in sickness and in health. Goodluck and God bless๐Ÿ˜ŠHi Carl, Looking forward to have conversation with you. there's someone looking around here for a lifetime so trustworthy... Hi I'm Two Nine yrs old from Philippines separate w/ Two kids if you accept my past please hit me. Patience and Tolerance - I need a woman that can be patience in life and have tolerance. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - LOYAL - I want a woman who is loyal and respects her husband. If you are interested, let me know by replying to me post here. is it ok carl if we can start as a friend for you to know me better. im a very simple woman that's why my friends called me shygirl. i understand about what you meantion i know there some people looking for one thing without care and love for us.hello:) am ronalyn im a hotel and restaurant services a short term course here in the philippines ,i am 27 yrs old and also looking for a guy that is kind,honest and respectful to his wife,hope we can talk to each otherif you are interested just pm me back thank youronalyn[r3t0rn i want to attach my photo but i dont know how to put it,there is no option here on how to attach photo.:)hi! here is my number Eight Two For One Five Seven Four Seven For One . I read about what u written in here and I widow 40 years old,for me love is the very important than money,im searching for a lifetime partner in life,accept me and my kids,im a loving woman and caring,specially i beleive and trust of god,i hope i found here my destiny,this is my account hilda guia rosal,god bless Hi carl good day. nowadays they says that women are only interested in money.not emily philippine..1child..graduate in high school..didnt school in college....cause i have a baby im housemaid.....cause my baby need a food..milk and anything else to him...i want my baby a father..take care of him..also a father i take choose my cell # 091**** FB ACCOUNT: EMILY or text me....hi! Thank you if you will spend time answering my question. Carl have a blessed day to you I'm a Filipina women hardworking Im looking a serious relationship as of now I'm working as a Domestic helper in Kuwait hope you be my good friend God bless you Sir. I'm simple person,loving,understandi and religious person .. thank you*Hi im irish from philippines im here looking for a man at range 24-35 years old.fearing .family orriented.loyal kindness.your willing just messaqe me on my email..i hope we will see you soon*Hi. I am honest, kind, caring, loving and understanding person.carl i wanna great u a pleasant day..jercyl by the way im looking also a man can truly love me and be honest with me hehehe im 21 yrs old if u are interested just add me at my fb account jercyl lima thanks.. and what if you found one will you be willing to live in philippines with her? I am Analyn Aguirre 31 years old from beautiful province of Boracay Island Philippines. I am looking for a man who will accept me and love me for who I am.

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