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This is true for all symbols, but is more likely to affect you with typeinfos; typeinfo symbols for classes without a vtable are defined on demand within each object file that uses the class for EH and are defined weakly so the definitions get merged at link time into one copy.

will cause it to be marked hidden in that object file, which overrides all the other definitions with default visibility and causes the typeinfo to vanish in the outputted binary (which then causes any throws of that type to cause terminate() to be called in the catching binary).

We recommend you read this guide to familiarize yourself with how to install Roundcube, but for those who just want to get up and going, there is a shell script at the bottom to automate the installation and have you running almost instantly.

There's a nice how-to about the installation of Roundcube on a Windows box with IIS6 and h Mail Server.

And you have to update the linker script if you decide to change names to the classes or the functions.

In the case of the library above, the author couldn't get the symbol table below 40,000 symbols using version scripts.

And until whole program optimisation is added to GCC, the compiler can't know which throws are caught locally.

This is basically a local mirror (especially useful because the external website now appears to be down).Your binaries will link perfectly and appear to work correctly, even though they don't.While it would be lovely to have a warning for this, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to keep throwable types out of public view.However, this isn't the full story - it gets harder.Symbol visibility is "default" by default but if the linker encounters just one definition with it hidden - just one - that typeinfo symbol becomes permanently hidden (remember the C standard's ODR - one definition rule).But of course, you can't really know if you like it or not, unless you install it and use it for yourself for a week or two.This document will help guide you through a standard installation of Roundcube.Furthermore, using linker version scripts doesn't permit GCC to better optimise the code. the ability to mark your C/C interface as being that of the shared library.Frustration because good DSO interface design is just as important for healthy coding as good class design, or correctly opaquing internal data structures.The most common is My SQL but others are Postgre SQL and SQLite.So once you decide, create a database with any name you want and grant privileges to a separate database user.

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