Satcodx updating the receivers transponder data

To save alot of time I thought I would post a few suggestions of what you should do before or during the updating process every time you upload a new bin in your receiver. A SAT file contains carriage returns, white space and other formatting that makes it readable to the human eye. David, The satfile is the file your receiver uses to get information everything from all the transponders to its position the the belt.

I do this each time and never have any data loss I just do it this way, in this order, and watch tv seconds after putting the new bin in my receiver not after fighting my receiver for hours or day's. #2 Download the new bin from the "home" forum for your receiver. Unzip the file and place it inside a folder on your computer named "new bin 12-03-09 or whatever the date is. What can and has happened ALOT is the channel list will have a channels information as being for example on transponder 224324 on echostar 4 but the SILLY receiver during the update process deleted some of the transponders in the satfile so the receiver CANNOT tune to that channel and you will see in the info bar.....autoroll processing making you think that it is in fact autorolling....

#1 BEFORE you disconnect your receiver from the TV make a note of ALL antenna settings for every Satellite you can receive. #3 Go to or wherever on the nett you can get one and get a FRESH UPDATED copy of the satfile. #5 Use the Loader Program or USB drive to copy the channnel list FROM your receiver to the computer. #6 Use the loader Program or USB drive to install the new bin, satfile, and Channel List from the folder you made today. so...update with the new bin, then a satfile, and your channel list to save all that from happining...

#8 Connect your receiver back to TV, LNB and whatever else you normaly do. Dum Dude, To upload the list's from the receiver do this You have to have the receiver connected to a tv and computer at the same time...a pain I know you hit menu, receiver upgrade, channel information or satfile then open the loader2 program and click on STP-PC it will take A few CLOSE WERE IT SAVES IT ON YOUR COMPUTER as a computer tech I see all the time were people loss files on their computer.SHOULD place it on your desktop. Oleg over write the old bin with the new ,works just fine,been doing that from the beginning with different fta,has alwas this and u do not have to reload channel list ,settings or keys, just do the KISS method works all the time.

See the FAQ on Adding a channel to the transponder database.

#10 Turn it to a sat and if need be let it autoroll. If you interrupt it by changing channels it will take longer so just let it roll. Yes their are a few extra steps here than what some people will say do they do but when these steps are done they save ALOT of time and energy fixing trouble after a data loss. hope that helps you all Total FTA-Viewsat HOME SITE: [link removed] (C00LSAT and All receivers) DSS Newbies: [link removed] Ariza [link removed] Captive Works [link removed] FTA [link removed] make a backup using the loader program Connect your receiver to both a tv and computer. DN started already to with taking the international channels out. Putting in the 2 small files (satfile, channel file) takes a extra 2 minutes no big deal..

Compu Sat will use this alarm to resend the audio PID data.

Harris Net Plus 300/Net Plus 200 The Harris Net Plus does not allow for direct PID entry.

Compu Sat provides the button to store those changes in your custom database.

Now, when you tune a HD receiver to this channel, the modified PID information will be applied to the selected channel once the receiver has digital lock.

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