Dating a boy with adhd

Some experts believe there could be a difference of several years between chronological and emotional level, for example, your teen may be 15 or 16 years old, yet have the emotional maturity of a 12 year old.

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Or he may have a hard time focusing because of nervousness and start paying attention to everything else except what his date is talking about, leaving him clueless about how to answer or continue the conversation.These same strategies can be used when he is listening to his date.What strategies does he use to help him remember due dates for projects?Does he use reminder systems on his watch or phone? These same approaches can be carried over to relationships.Make sure, as a parent, you go over "dating 101" with your teen.How Parents Can Help While teens with ADHD are used to using different strategies to help them with their schoolwork, they don’t always think about using these same strategies to help build a relationship.Help your teen think about what works in the classroom, for example, what does he do to help him stay focused on the lesson?Flirting can be confusing to someone who doesn’t get the subtleties of non-verbal communication.On the other hand, someone may be letting your teen down gently, not wanting to hurt him, but your teen isn’t getting the message.Give examples on the right way to ask someone out, how to develop good listening skills and have two-way conversations.Emphasize the importance of developing friendship within the relationship.

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