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Around 8 minutes after leaving St Pancras, the Eurostar train emerges from the tunnel and starts crossing the wastelands of east London, past warehouses and run-down housing estates.Just 10-12 minutes from St Pancras you'll see the impressive Queen Elizabeth II suspension bridge on the right, which carries the M25 London orbital motorway across the River Thames at the Dartford Crossing.This shocking footage shows the new breed of super-fit Russian football hooligans battling it out in auditions to join the tight-knit group of 'hyper violent' thugs that brought carnage to the streets of Marseille.Six Britons have been charged over violence in Marseille but incredibly only two Russians have been arrested - and that was for pitch invasion - despite 51-year-old English man Andrew Bache fighting for his life in hospital with severe brain damage after being beaten around the head with iron bars.To the right of the train as it crosses the viaduct, you'll see small boats moored on the muddy riverbanks far below you.To the left of the train, over the top of the adjacent M2 motorway bridge, you can see Rochester Cathedral and Rochester Castle in the distance.

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UEFA said Russia's 'disqualification is suspended until the end of the tournament.

They are on the loose and it is feared they will attack English fans again in Lille.

Dozens of hardline Russian hooligans known as Ultras – including one gangster called Vasily (pictured) – are thought to have been behind the violence in Marseille.

Eurostar is owned 55% by SNCF French Railways, 5% by SNCB Belgian Railways & 40% originally by the UK government but now sold to overseas investors.

Eurostar carries passengers not cars, don't confuse Eurostar with Eurotunnel, the company which owns the Channel Tunnel whose car-carrying trains shuttle road vehicles across the Channel. This page explains all you need to know about travel by Eurostar.

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