Manga dating game

Some of them have already been used in the precedents game.So, all the bosses are succubus and some of them use style that will bring back some memories to the fans of the series (necromancy, protection barrier...).The diaries are present again which is good because I am a huge fan of these books providing H scenes, lore about the stages, the bosses and the story...

However, the major innovation came from introduction of elements from the famous M*gaman series.

- Monsters spamming : Man , it's frustrated somehow , you just K.

O a group of monsters or a single alone one , doesn't matter . No and a big no , sometimes just 2 moves in game , you hit another fight , and again few more moves , another fight .

You just can't rest , you can escape , but this kinda bug you alot especially when you want to do the loot run .

- Lava Cave and Ice Cave: A good place for you to do the loot run because it has the gems ores , ingot for the rainbow weapons ( final weapon making ) , but how can you get pass the lava and ice if they tick your health , higher level means higher the damage .

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