San francisco dating scene straight women

Whether you're into bearded hipsters or are crushing on cute creatives, we've got you.Get ready for some insider intel from the city's hottest single guys and gals on where they hang, what they're looking for, and how to scoop 'em up!This is a super-sexy environment — bring a gaggle of hot girlfriends and make an entrance, since the woman-to-man ratio is obscenely low here.Dolores Park, Dolores Street (between 18th and 20th streets); 415-554-9529. The Page, 298 Divisadero Street (between Haight and Page streets); 415-255-6101.So naturally, we hit the streets and endured the awkwardness (hello, blushing over here!

If You're Hot For: Hipsters If you find yourself asking if it's okay to actually date the dude who plays music in the 24th Street BART station — this is probably your type of guy.

The Creamery, 685 4th Street (between Brannan and Townsend streets); 415-896-1446.

This is the epicenter of tech startups and blogging in S.

No Lululemon at night." – Ryan Lincks, an advertising executive, lives in No Pa.

Where To Meet 'Em: Reveille Coffee Co., 768 Sansome Street (between Gold Street and Pacific Avenue); 415-789-6258. Grab some grub and a patch of grass close to a cutie.

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