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This one wasn't, in fact, a child of 2010 but of some 300 million years ago.What Grennan spotted was the blast's light as it finally reached Earth; the time lag was a product of the distance the light had to travel.Fresh fried tortilla chips topped with Queso, salsa and jalapenõs.Tortilla chips served with your choice of queso or salsa.

So, I don’t think that there is really a definable quality difference.Then here comes the gumbalaya and golden fried crawfish.You can shake this one up with any of our signature sauces for only 50¢ more.As well as Grennan's discovery, there has been the footage of the earth's surface shot by Luke Geissbuhler and his seven-year-old son Max, using a takeaway container, a weather balloon, an i Phone and a video camera to create the "craft" they sent up into the atmosphere.And there was a set of similar photos taken by students of Potomac School, Virginia, and Australian stargazer Anthony Wesley's sighting of an asteroid colliding with Jupiter (an event missed by Nasa's dedicated telescopes).STAGger IN prides itself in offering a lot of food at a fair price.We couldn’t understand a word the chef was telling us.5 Wings – .49 10 Wings – .99 15 Wings – .99 20 Wings – .99 Extra Dressing…50¢ Extra Celery…50¢ Breaded Wings…MISSISSIPPI PHILLY NACHOS………...99 Todd came in all confused trying to decide between the nachos or the Philly.We’ve been accused of giving our tenders steroids, but we weren’t found on the Mitchell Report.MISSISSIPPI PHILLY NACHOS………...99 Todd came in all confused trying to decide between the nachos or the Philly.

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