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I spent most of my late teens and my early twenties living by the motto: Hate The Playa Not The Game.I LOVED the dating game because I loved the hunt, well more specifically, I loved being hunted.Max and I have gone out since the summer, and I love spending time with him. First of all, I have children, and I don't want to expose them to just anyone. He also made the Victoria's Secret million-dollar diamond bra. He takes chances with new talent and pushes them like crazy. I am grateful that he is taking a chance with me to expand my costume jewelry brand. I took Pocahontas out of the kayak and put her in the disco. If you feel good and have a smile on your face while you are wearing one of my pieces, then I have done my job. You can read all about how I trained and the neuroblastoma fund in my column for Page Six magazine on I meet a lot of men who just want to piggyback on my life that I have worked so hard to create. Don't forget to check out my product at the Bravo Shop.

I meet a lot of guys like that who can't wait to be photographed next to me or piggyback on my life. So when we are together, I trust him, therefore, we can have fun. Jill seemed surprised to meet Max, and Brad was excited to meet him.

I would chat with girlfriends and we would debate a hundred times over of the many reasons it could be that I didn’t hear from them.

Looking back I cringe so much about this, but I can see how easily it can be done.

The flower belt is a flower that I stapled to a piece of fabric and made it into a belt.

It looks cute on a dress low slung, or even on jeans.

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